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31m c1 hilternico
Yo bro love the story cant wait for next chapter
5/11 c18 myafroatemydog
Good chap
5/11 c40
Было, очень интересно читать, так же было немного грустно, жаль что вторая часть не дописана
5/10 c17 myafroatemydog
Lretty good chap
5/10 c12 myafroatemydog
Grwat chap
5/10 c11 myafroatemydog
Frear chap
5/10 c10 myafroatemydog
Great chap
5/9 c1 myafroatemydog
Pretty food chap
5/6 c2 7Spedyalarm
Your fat ass doesn't know shit about writing fucking characters, and clearly you don't know shit about the actually canonical Naruto storyline. Naruto didn't even fucking know that Jiraiya was his godfather, until at the very least, after Jiraiya's death. Naruto had no fucking clue that Jiraiya did anything wrong in the first place.
You idiotic cunt.
5/6 c1 Spedyalarm
Hello, guest. I would like to politely ask you to shut the fuck up.
If you don't like the story, just stop reading it. And I KNOW your ass was the last 6 reviews or something, because all you did, was clearly go from one chapter to another just to hate on this writer, and then go to the latest chapters and hate on him there. If you don't like a story, give constructive criticism, and move on, don't stay around only to hate someone, idiotic fools like you have been the death of far too many aspiring author's. You don't even have a proper account, so clearly, you either don't have the balls to actually talk smack to this guy's face, or you are literally just here to be a bitch.
So, yeah, fuck off. Shut up, and go fuck yourself in the ass, and have a nice day.
4/28 c40 Guest
still dogshit
4/28 c36 Guest
this story is ass
4/28 c8 Guest
once again naruto forgiving jiraiya, makes no sense. jiraiya is no better than a parent that abanonded his child. you're a dogshit author, as was kishimoto. kys faggot
4/28 c6 Guest
jiraiya once again being an absent piece of shit. Naruto forgiving him in the main series made no sense, and it makes no sense here either. you're a fag, kys
4/28 c5 Guest
reinventing the wheel just to be "unique" with chakra control training is also cringey as fuck, faggot. Your story fuckin sucks
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