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8/6 c1 Amun565
Yea the dude that has 6k favorites is clearly a terrible writer. ashjfl is clearly a fucking idiot
8/1 c1 1ayab
don't listen to alsdjhfgljkwebgh he's just jealous
8/1 c1 ayab
don't stop wirtting
7/31 c39 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Stop writing.
7/31 c37 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Twelve years and still too stupid to finish your brain dead story. Stop writing.
7/31 c36 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Eh, you should probably just never write again, you piece of fucking shit. Get fucked, you brain dead fuck.
7/23 c28 7Dex Zabeth
I absolutely love hanas fight with the werewolf
7/21 c1 Red1ace86
Love this story, read it all and think it’s amazing can’t wait for part 2 to come out
7/18 c31 EVIL-SAGE
that last line had my blood pumping
7/15 c27 KEB
Great chapter. I like how Naruto is getting used to leading(As Jiraiya planned) and the others are responding well.
7/13 c39 jungari
Big death flag there Jiraiya
7/12 c28 InvcShadow sux
I like how the best fight so far isn't even Naruto's. Would've loved if it was animated.
7/10 c39 MattBlack
How does missing nin manage to get to Myoboku? It's a summon realm... Unless you're a toad summoner being reverse summoned, you're shit out of luck getting there.
7/10 c37 MattBlack
Congratulations, well done!
7/9 c39 NarutoManiac2400
Great to see you back…so in this story the summons don’t have their own realm?
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