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4/12/2018 c3 noellesullivan
I loved this
12/7/2014 c1 Guest
I must say that I think you did a great job portraying the charachters. This really sums up the blow Susies death had on Clarissa, shows how Lindsey misses her long-lost sister, and lets Jack finally reunite with his baby girl.

Please write another chapter with Jack and Susie together.
10/24/2014 c3 Debbie Hicks
Chapter 5.
then after she was killed and murdered then suddenly herself had a uncanny gift to go the day she was Brutally killed Susie I was your Sister I was Lindsey Salmon I was Fifteen tears I was Raped and murdered but my grandmother is alive I can't go back it is terrible we were Raped and murdered but you gained a Ablity to time travel it is strong with your brother use the Childlike Empress's voice sounds do it then she began to plead very softly Bastian help us Save us Heaven we were KILLED! Seek the Police Hurry! SAVE US! Herself Gave her Klingon Death howling very more gloriously to signal to as all of the deceased with her grand mother were all of met the others dead by his killing looked radiant but her grandmother stood but fell to her Knee Ko'kmehli! Lindsey I am here Then the old woman suddenly Gave up her gust of life died here now the Salmon family found her looked Radiant still wise in her years but old inside looked young again but violently met her late husband a Army you made rest here their grandmother it's loneliest home with the each Bones Some say it was haunted by their katras suddenly with as all of their bodies suddenly Burned as all of the Both with as Everything suddenly the wholliest burning went on Forever then suddenly all of the Sudden they we the vey as all of the town blazing were all of them killed but their bones as very more of but suddenly a City was From both Angels and Deceased was forged in the acts of violence then very violently broken free of life to eternal rest but he Cursed as much Deceased in a dark Ritual but he was Wicca forced them to haunt to Wander to find to seek and it was too late for the town was haunted you guessed it Ghosts cursed by dark binding and blood forged in violence but murder but it happened the years went and came they were forbidden to go forth they healed but the bones spoke he was very crazy but went insane but all of sidden Ruth studied Voodooism it carried her but Enhanced her powers after she was murdered she later had his Eight kids in heaven with as all of them had created a brand new races and species and all the sudden she herself swore her Vengeance by dancing by Soul possession was Kicking back her heels gone like Voodoo priestess was so darn busiest dancing like crazy what are doing I am studying Voodooism it is known as Soul possession I am learning a lot then all the sudden their very as all of their own bones suddenly within but all the truest Burned into Flames all the sudden he Screeeched so monstrously but too loudest but bothg himself with the bones Exploding the revenge for the three and Susan had begun Ruth was a Killing machine then suddenly she was Judge Jury and Executor and Enforcer for them killed but all the sudden he needed to find a host body then herself murdered Mr Harvey in her best new battle uniform from Judge Dredd but the bones were they were Cursed but they will never see the living who replaced it the town they will be it's protectors and Guardians of Death Elite Force Burn in the Barge of the Dead herself With the Klingons Who swore in the Klingon language more fluently but it advanced but was a strict learner Sir! She is a Judge Jury and Executor now enforces the law he sighted her the very first time looked about Eighteen years old herself had a very tiniest bone into the nose but her ears were surgery altered but pointed died with pointed ears with purest but true Jet black hair in a short but Milltary cut shorn but cut in the Vulcan way violently yelled in battle victory was holding a honor blade swore her oaths and her life source like a honor bound Warrior and she looked like a Romulan wearing a battle sash she made herself the Vulcan Captain heard her yell in glorious victory Sorry it's my own yell it drives me Crazy but I Swear by the Elements he is Into Erberus forever as a Vengeful fiend with our Souls taken oh No Eater of Souls! Captain she used Voodoo yes it's now my gift for now what is that what is happening I am afraid Heaven is into trouble then Lindsey yelled AUTOBOTS TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT! Where are we the same town it's different after we died it happened his ghost stalked but Lindsey wearing from the Terminator herself held a Gun mess with me you are Terminated Harvey I will hunt you down like a Animal she was a Ghost hunter had to protect her family her sister gained a new ablity bodies with more Rise from here and spread out your arms suddenly the deceased acted like Vampires rose from their decaying bodies eyes open but spoke softly Whoa sis you are tough my gift is time travel where are we 1986 your gift is amazing she is my daughter we made her a hunter she is a Cop's daughter now go she wants to go is on a mission to seek Vengeance is trained but very special hang on it is a dooziest Yikes this is weirdest but intergalactic but the bones and himself suddenly burst oy Fallen Angels but they were cursed to wander the Earth forever via time travel began a Warrior clan if on Earth in the stone age who looked like cave people of the past the young Vulcan woman declaring them as mates were so deeply spiritual but walked with Ursus then had to learn The Clan Sign language were on a mission in their clothes acted as their fur and boots with a very old woman guiding them made Dawn Read Spier Medicine Woman and the Woman Who Hunts was a very ancient but primal title the First officer guided he was into charge of the walk it was into Heaven the young Vulcan woman walked with her own spirit it was Eternally winter herself who was Descended from the holiest women into Furs holding her sling wearing boots had to hunt for her new tribe herself spied and placed rocks she began Whirling and swirling more it suddenly went beyond violently Whacked it brought home a Elk with her strength Daughter you hunted yes oh no what that I seen danger I fear the deceased all of them crossed over here and begun tribes and clans who took mates the First Officer had a very thunderous more strong temper eep what are you people we are the Vulcans you are Extraterrestrials let go of me you are so handsome what a Macho Hunk come to me Commander cut it out your gift is Soul desires one deceased had a gift to glamor and was flirting by using his energy had to feed using soul energy he was seduced by women She is a Subccbus what is it is a female Vampire she is obsessed with Twilight we are showing powers The First officer was very tall and Muscular standing at 6.6 inches cared the crap of the younger deceased shook like people terrified of his size and muscles was Surrounded by Women his mate grabbed his ear OUCH! Um's the deceased had a Heavenly spirit week it is the Clan of the Cave Bear Day drove Angels bananas oh man it is the long endless night you said it Stromm you were seduced by Terran women oh no sir we have kids it's so cold here then as all of the newly deceased but froze themselves to death but violently but Shattered as newly made Afterlife people Aunt why the both merged it's one then all the sudden her own child giggled but they now had something else Wings suddenly Lindsey Salmon violently ran so very fastest very too soon but violently took Flight for real her each hair pins Erupted a Halo but exploding like planets embraced her new life but as all the bodies vanished were reincarnated more as all of them very tribazillions or more then all the sudden noises erupted their reincarnations in the same town and the year was 2014 Everything changed since they came to Heaven then Lindsey patrolled for Fallen Angels ordered in Alpha voice sounded like Sam Uley you called Ma'am you flew it is invisible yes oh man I see our reincarnations wait a second it's changed what year is it it is known as 2007 Earth time so many years passed we are the same after we died D'OH! Ruth sorry the Simpsons oh man one is homes herself laughed loud but was cheery but had a gift roar out her laughter but the giggles loved pranks blown a fart seater she had superhuman strength was strong now it made one Vulcan was Steacey Elizabeth McGill laugh her uncle rose his eyebrow prepare to planet fall ten nine eight seven six five four three two ONE! They so elegantly but more gloriously orbiting then landed like Kryptonians her uncle sighted new Angels landing Dad I flew but it is invisible I guard one struggling teenager gave tips from her notebook she aced her test you did kindly but good deeds guard the place you got it sir mess with us they are going to Graduate we are School angels FOREVER! so that was their next lives but the finalization was graduation but All of the sudden went horrifying wrong but then slipped outside but the very way as all of their reincarnations more of them but they suddenly looked older but strongest by now but became ancient by now they had stunted aging but was gone for good and all of the sudden their own city erupted but all of ballooned but suddenly changed but entered a new age became Angels officically for now they had a mission to battle and fight crime to hunt Fallen Angels her quest had started here and now.
10/20/2014 c3 Debbie Hicks
Suddenly while walking home Lindsey Never came home she was Murdered by a very horrid but rough but powerful Drunk man Stabbed but Raping her but Killed right Smack left her own brother her Voice Echoed sharp but loud her Brother was Killed next by the same Man that day the two grieving parents suddenly heard three deceased children then all of the Sudden a very much more they both Screamed as very all of them with the friends and loved ones and more and as all of them tribazillions or more arrived but all of the sudden then more car deaths a lot of then as all of them suddenly the very last but finalist but last one three and three more just violently but blew up with them now and the home was Burned with the things oh my God Welcome Aboard to heaven you three all of you and more of the People Henry you died with her and as all of you with them who are they died by him guess his twin murdereous brother but your bodies by the Police I have grievous news you will survive here Whoa! Susie you died killed now I am Staying here forever hang on gang stay put folks it is Creating a City of our minds and thoughts dreams all of you stay put and I am guarding with my life it happened to all of them you been rewarded with this locket as you Susie guide your departed family this this you are no longer human but Angels breake free Forever so they violently CRACK! Very painfully like Sirians she was very puzzled but scared while in a cocoon then they as all of them broken free by overgoing a change very violently screamed but molting but it happened they fell into a slumber forever then all the sudden a reincarnation of them breaking outside but then suddenly all of the Lights formed people as more as more arrived and finally were a lot of but so tribazillions or more as Monstrous and more Massive but the very largest but as all of the very all as all of the Killed but Murdeered with the a very strangest but the Earthshaking noise created a verison of a city a very largest but more massive and more monstrous and biggest city in Heaven but Broke free in the same outfits after their deaths but suddenly Lindsey suddenly felt real wings very true wings I must wait to get dry I have finally Aged yes so as all lets test it wait they are dry she was so deathly patient but so stoic used peace and serenity followed Surak was a fan of Star Trek but grabbed a sword into her own hand was a unborn Angel she said a line in the dialects of her lineage was Gaelic but Scottish like him powerful but strong narrowing and glaring with my ice cold eyes HELP! he fled fastest she is different what happened to us we sudden died She is protecting us how she is special but different her gift is out is a Astral Telekinesis but a Shield Sir! she died with pointed Ears I was going to a Star Trek convention but he killed me in my holiest burial robes into right smack my own dead heart I can't die but I must avenge my murder here I am staying here going to battle with my life forever High Master I swear thine life to you your Majesties princess I knelt low to them I am a Stinkin' katra herself spoke fluently but heavy Vulcan with upswept eyebrows wearing different a white-red Vulcan robes wearing a Specialized crown twin things hanging she is not human dressed hoo boy more killed people it all of them oh Kami sama my bad Japanese thank you from now on I return it here it you left she walked slowly with Force Telekniesis I read it it is rules hm what this herself rose a puzzling eyebrow she is reading you look alien hand the book but she was a Angel of Calm and unity yup that's her she was holding a Warrior's Gaelic sword Good heavens Lindsey I am a Immortal I will fight against evil but my wings must heal and I will fly start training like him you are chosen all of you how old are you stopped at 16 killed but murdered it's not pretty calm down you are a special shield mess with me you Sushi period she is controlling her gift it is changing us and her differently her Heavenly Green blood burned herself in Cosplay robes holding a sword longer but brownish hair with bangs and curls you have a warrior's heart and fierce loyality yes can you help us and them arriving here it's horrible with pets with child who burst out Eggs with kids clothed with shoes crying in sorrow I swear to him I will guard him with my life she has warrior blood you must fight but looked older but ancient her hair darken by change so her sister with her brother so that my sister became a Warrior she was dressed in armor oh man I feel like Xena the Warrior Princess but herself was toned but Athletic she flirted but Courted what a chick her gift worked them she was hitting on the men got a date nope sworn to him but her with as all of them entered a finalist change of newborn Angel lives then suddenly struck us it was very way more painful suddenly aged far too much and too soon but suddenly died here for good but suddenly but violently became True blue Angels but broke us it was both but my wings suddenly evolved with us/them but the wings broke but were real oh man they fused to my back like some Hawkman from the planet Mongo then you look now at 17 years old then myself became a Healer healing like a Doctor but picked up some bad Doctor McCoy lines look I am a healer not some blasted babysitter I was making fun of them groan that is so funniest the giggles flared up like then a fireball hit DUCK! What is happened it's War from Earth it's more deaths that our city grew as expanding but ballooning then suddenly broke free as a real city of our own then it was Cyberpunk now but Snapped us with them out this universe we got free to start over what next start a humanoid race good idea lets Do it so a name was Gods of Tomorrow Science and Animal life and Evolution but mess with us your' Sushi! suddenly my own hand burst formed a ward then began chanting like a priestess Lindsey we have a problem you are not alive the bodies buried with Susie totaliest deceased but forever remembered I remember now I died gone to heaven for real I have lived here but a new crisis happened a truest but finalist change happened suddenly Screamed like a Le-Matya but sent half to be Reincarnated but suddenly Wham right of the floor then noticed I never got old but it froze me like a kid forever but all crumbled but myself was a Real Angel forever in Heaven awaiting more to come they did killed but murdered more Cities Welcome to Judgement City but all of their bodies buried but laid to eternal rest but suddenly all of the coffins were Shredded but with the bodies totallist crumbing but lost our way but calmly suddenly panicked but the bodies into pieces all of them shredded away the half of our souls forced to be Ghosts who were wrecking then suddenly Scared his twin brother to death fell in a heap dead now totalliest deceased with us/them he suddenly was stripped but was a fallen Angel cursed but violently burned his corpse they were Fallen angels as well consorting with Demons but invited them a burning place then it happened to us/them lost the way back to Earth but into this place here we are trapped here forever it was too late had to become a Warrior healer to bring people out of here Suddenly went snap my adult hood wings took the place of teenage hood wings now ready to take flight about embrace my new life and preparing to take action this is the Job for HAWKGIRL! Held my weapon ran so very way far too more monstrous but more massive too more fastest and suddenly embraced my new superheroine life as Hawkgirl suddenly took flight and Glided very slowly like her by removing like Superman he was a Kryptonian then gaining Speed then flew violently faster than normal then held like a true leader of the Angels she has embraced her new life yikes Gangway Angels I screeched so loudly in a heat of battle was fiercer but more toned like her gotten more Athletic than here I was the sporty one with a Milary brackground he sent it in she is perfect but different too athletic gaining muscles will court soon eep mate with him this is horrible I am going to court you got it with Frank he is a major Nerd he is and I will breed like Vulcans I wonder our kids goiung to be like smart but Athletic Angels mate for life like the Na'vi called Mom sorry where at work I he set me up with Frank he is a Geek but he is also Athletic a Wrestler he is a Priest angel in robes like mine I got to train harder Sorry diet it is a Angelic colonial space marine of a diet She is coming you are a different angel a Miltary one he is proud to have you you are a Miltary angel with a army background teach but train us our new angels yes so that was it a teaching angel myself created a Academy for Angels to be it burst out watch this for size it violently broken out as all it wanted but more Anels broke as well but with us/them I was now a Warrior and healing Angel for life mated with him but we wait t'll Courtship begins then mate in heat lay a Egg from my chest his wings and mine produced a strange scent during mating hoo boy you ok she is hotter than a volcano lost her temper she is into the Lights it is a verison of the fires it is Pon'Farr I must court him I am really losing it not I need to find a mate and fast got warmer but could not wait to court him my sister had kids from Henry her courtship was over was a mated Angel herself was bonded but joined in Pon'Farr what is Pon'Farr it is a time of mating T'Sai Salmon when you mate you will lay a Egg here like a Red Martian woman he taught me more he was much older then fled in heat Sir she needs to mate and flying it is Frank then ourselves begun our ritual began mating like Dragons in the air very differently then suddenly his hands stroking t
4/30/2014 c3 31nothingtolose18
I'm so glad that I rediscovered this fic. You have a lovely way with words, and you're definitely doing The Lovely Bones justice with this piece. I hope you will continue to write more!
3/16/2014 c3 Watermellow
Gawd, me too. Me too.
2/15/2011 c2 1toffeecatcher31
This is really good and really follows the book right down to the little details.
1/17/2011 c2 5ShibaDG
I love this story, please continue.
12/19/2010 c1 3LadyMahfuza
This is so beautiful. One of the best Lovely Bones fanfics I ever read. Great job. :)
11/26/2010 c1 31nothingtolose18
This was wonderful! Just the right amount of sad, but so sweet at the same time! Awesome writing as well!
10/21/2010 c1 52Moma bear Emma Swan
SAd, BEAUIFUl! So Perfect!

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