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for A Thousand Years of Pain

5/26/2011 c1 20Pheonix09
Poor Sasu-chan

That was hilarious and cute, I loved it and awesome job
12/4/2010 c1 75VanG Ziggy ZA
A very good story! Sasuke is just the man too make such a promise too!
9/28/2010 c1 ijustleft
Sasuke/Naruto OTP! Loved it!
9/27/2010 c1 Reader's corner
I love it! I wish Sasuke really recevies that move in his next and hsopefully final fight with Naruto. He is much more deserving candidate for it than Gara was.
9/24/2010 c1 2yume76
damn! this was a short but sweet drabble. i love it. and in your face lord kelvin. yeah!
9/21/2010 c1 2Lavender Phantom Flame
I love you so much right now. Not just because of the beautiful, beautiful innuendo that is so in-character and in-canon that not even Lord Kelvin (I refuse to call him LK, I will not shame LittleKuriboh like that) can do anything about it, but also because this fic just made my day. My mom just had surgery and I needed the laugh.

Out of curiosity - do you believe that there is a chance for Sasuke to be redeemed somehow (if you still follow the fandom - I wouldn't blame you if you don't) or is it just for plot purposes here?

And did I mention I love you right now?
9/20/2010 c1 6Aislynn Crowdaughter
Now I wonder what the word nindo means... good one.I like the bait words here. :)
9/20/2010 c1 1LasseLanta01
Another good laugh for the afternoon. I particularly enjoyed this line, ""Oh Sasuke-chan, now don't get sore," . . . "just because I made you the butt of my joke,""
9/19/2010 c1 I Liked It
Yeay! I loved the promise at the end!
9/19/2010 c1 11The Pirate on Wheels
Canon would be 70% better if Naruto had done this in the Valley of the End instead of scratching Sasuke's headband.
9/19/2010 c1 58Vinsmouse
Pretty good. I was able to follow it, in spite of not knowing much about Naruto, a definite plus. Take care,

9/19/2010 c1 16Thranduil Oropherion Redux
Heh. 'go that far' 'Asshole' 'the butt of my joke'.

"Then let's hope your Nindo is half as good as mine, Nakama."

And now I wish I spoke Japanese. ;)

A great response to the Rebottom challenge.

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