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12/8/2010 c13 8jojo140
Really good chapter. And clever title too. :)
12/7/2010 c13 saides
Love, Love, Love...You get get a dirty happy dance...from Eliot! HA!

Hope that made you smile.

It will all get better!


12/3/2010 c12 jojo140
I liked this chapter. Especially when Sophie told him that she and Maggie were lovers. Haha that cracked me up. great job.
12/3/2010 c12 A friend
That was so worth the extra wait. Can't wait for Eliot! I love the way you ended Nate and Sohpie's chapters! You actually get the characters' voices pretty well. Nice! Awesome! Applause!
11/29/2010 c11 3Lolli-x
Awesome I can't wait for more :)
11/29/2010 c11 saides

11/24/2010 c10 saides
Geek heaven. Hardison is hard to write, but I liked this.

Thank you,

11/22/2010 c9 saides
So sad, but well written. Be careful with thinking way faster than you can type. Check out the last paragraph, you wrote something like "the world is just too small to say goodbye for", instead of to.

Great chapter, though. It had a lot of angst.


11/22/2010 c9 Lolli-x
That was a great chapter even if it wasnt i would like it cuz it was about parker but it was a really good chapter :) i love the story cant wait for more :)
11/18/2010 c8 saides

11/11/2010 c6 8jojo140
I think this is my favorite chapter now. Can't wait for the others'.
11/11/2010 c6 3Lolli-x
that was really good :) just wondering cuz u got sophie in that 1 are you doing another sophie 1 just for her? cant wait for more anyway :)
11/11/2010 c6 saides
Nate and Sophie are like a comfortable throw. Always warm and welcome. Beautiful chapter.

Thank you.

11/7/2010 c5 8jojo140
I think these are interesting. Can't wait for next chapter!
11/7/2010 c5 saides
I always new Alec was a sweet kid.


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