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12/27/2013 c15 Guest
I LOVE IT, Great story
4/11/2013 c15 purplepanter
I am in love with this story, I love how the charactes have their own personalitys and I have no promble picturing them or the scene in my head. I also love that you are an Avril Lavigne fan like me (she rocks!)
I hope you continue this story and I am dying to know what happened between Tails and Mouse!

3/10/2013 c15 27Alois Trancy's double
Oh, this is really good.
When are you going to update it though? :/
Can't wait for the next chapter!
11/24/2012 c15 3NarutardedGleek
Please update... It's been nearly a year
7/10/2012 c5 Guest
Please update!
3/24/2012 c15 Woodshrew
i know just the people too, cant wait till the next chapter of this and Choir girl too
2/13/2012 c5 1trubled luver
OMG Avil is mmy FAVORIST Arstist ever! I read like the chapter names and whe it said sk8er boi I was likeI luv that song! your an awesome writer kep on bein that
11/7/2011 c14 Woodshrew
ahh new chapter yay yay yay lol :)
10/29/2011 c13 Woodshrew
i really want to find ut whats wrong now lol :)
9/5/2011 c12 blindbandit96
I like this so far :] my only complaint is I really don't want to read half a chapter of song lyrics
8/16/2011 c11 doneheretho
awww its cute poor longshot lol
8/3/2011 c8 werwerewr23423
Explosives! Woohoo!
6/21/2011 c7 1NinjaofTheKeyboard
Okay, you said you were worried about cheesy right? Don't worry. That fact that you added the fight and the end made it not cheesy : )
11/27/2010 c7 17galnkay
aww. I kinda like it :]

Update? :D
11/18/2010 c7 alokcin
no it was cute, i can't wait for your next chapter! up date soon please
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