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11/21/2013 c1 gOSAKUsUGISHITA
if you need informations about SUGISHITA & friends , plot , etc , OOKU INNER CHAMBERS is available at STARKANA mangascan . ganbatte kudasai . and thankyou so much for writing this amazing fic . i injoy it so much . VEEEEE PIRATE LEE
11/21/2013 c1 gOSAKUsUGISHITA
SABAKU NO ROCK LEE The Captain Pirate Scum ?
ohonhonhon, crazy awesome ! you must expand GAARA x LEE pirate version . your idea of LEE as JACK SPARROW & GAARA as JAMES NORRINGTON are pure original intriguing fresh raw gem full of wild greatness . the fabulous writer that is you must join fandom OOKU INNER CHAMBERS & write tons of fantastic fics with pairing The Unpredictable Multiracial GOSAKU x Cursed Fair Maiden SUGISHITA . your amazing talent is wanted by us . we will be very gratefull if you join us .
9/29/2011 c1 25MelancholyMadness
Absolutely awesome! I love the Crossover one and the AU one. I do have to ask you though, what does UST stand for?

9/15/2011 c1 moonlightsparksthefire
Too lazy to sign in but you can contact me at my account with the same name if you need anything like a Beta. Anywho, I like it! the AU was rather interesting. I've never read pirate leegaa..hmm is this a plot bunny coming along? I laughed at the Crack and Humor. Well done!
6/1/2011 c1 2strictlyninja
of course that humor one was the best. major lol!
4/26/2011 c1 Shit I can't remember my name
I LOVE ! It was very funny ! "There's S-SAND in my-" xDD

"Lee… your Patronus…"


"…is a raccoon?"

"Y-you think so?"

2/20/2011 c1 TirednBoredo
Haha! Cool
10/4/2010 c1 tigress eyes
"There's S-SAND! In my –"

"I told you not to struggle."


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