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8/22/2011 c25 Furge2118
Your chapters are always worth the wait.
8/22/2011 c25 ameil
very ya story and can't wait till u update
8/22/2011 c25 1chimney101
Hmmmmm. *Scratches imaginary beard* To be brutally honest ... I don't have any idea how the whole long-lost-father situation is going to boil over. I'm thinking catatonic, catastrophic, disastrous ... you get my drift. But at the same time, I'm curious at who she would be angry at most; Abe, Janine or even Dimitri (just because he knew of the situation prior). It wouldn't do the RxD relationship too good if she got crossed at Dimitri. Then again, she could also (possibly) take everything on board and accept it all until further notice. Or she can completely blow from all the stress she's been put under and the darkness (if she's storing any) and break free and ... umn ... someone will end up with a few bruises, broken bones or a near death experience ... Nah, too extreme.

But anyway, you're back! I was waiting ever so diligently for this story to be updated. Yippee. I love the RxD moments and OMFG ... Zander's beautiful locks. *Wails in corner. Grumbles: "I can't believe Rose let him off so easily."* I would've ... I would've ... thrown and ultimatum. Yeah, I loved Z's curls. It reminded you so much of his father as well. *Sniffles*

I'm glad the whole Viktoria thing has cooled down. I mean seriously. *Rolls eye* Jealousy? JEALOUSY? That's it? That's her excuse for being an absolute bleep? Oh gosh. She and I wouldn't get along.

Update soon! LOVE YOUR STORY! And I'm so frigin happy you're back. I was really missing your writing.
8/22/2011 c25 jshagan
WOW this chapter came out great I loved all of it. I love how Rose and Dimitri became a family with Z. Z needs that in his life. I would love to see Rose and Dimitri have a baby of there own. I would like for Rose to meet her dad and I hope her dad and mom make up in some way. I would be happy to see Rose and Dimitri married and have Z as the best man. It would be cool to see more fighting as well, you know because they are Guardians after all.

I would also like to thank you for the update it's been a long time but worth the wait. I had lots of fun reading it and I hope you update as soon as you can. Take care and good luck with your writing.
8/22/2011 c25 1DimitriBelikovLover96
Update Soon :)
8/21/2011 c25 4I.S.Teigen
You have to update soon :D
8/21/2011 c25 nammie
I have so much enjoyed this chapter.Thanks for the up-date.Can't wait to see where you go from here.Please not too much more drama for Rose and Dimitri,they have been through so much already. Keep up the good work.
8/21/2011 c25 2deliciouse
I am so glad that you answered the calling to this story...because i love it, i have loved it from the first time i read it. Mind you it did sadden me when Dimitri left Rose for Tasha, those stories always do, but look forward to their happy ending, no matter how hard and sad it was to read.

So i would love to see them get their happy ever after and Z to get Rose as his Mother, she is so wonderful with him and it would be even more magical to have Dimitri make Rose his Wife, i think they are way past G friend and B friend stage, it seems a little juvinile to call them that, especially with Z part of their lives and i would really love to see Rose and Dimitri have a child of their own.

I know it has been down in so many stories, but this story really needs it and deserves it like most of the stories did, that what makes it so special, the fact that they are genetically unable to have a child and by some miracle they can.

I am very worried about how Rose is going to take to Abe being her father, she didn't feel too comfortable with him the first time she met him and he wanted her to be her Guardian and leave Lisa, that didn't sit right with her and what about Rose sister, the girl that wants shouldn't come as a threat anymore as she loves Dimitri, but what happened would still be raw in her mind, will she be able to get past that and form a relationship with her.

I am glad that Dimitri is going to the dinner and that Janine is happy about them being in a relationship and that she thought of Dimitri being there as support for Rose, because if things get bad, Dimitri is the only one who will be able to calm her down and he would not stand for Rose to be put in a situation that would make her feel uncomfortable as he stated to Janine.

*I am so happy that you are back, i can't wait to see what you have install in your next chapter...
8/21/2011 c25 6meg5442
This is one of my favorite stories, thanks for the update.
8/21/2011 c25 Megpie93
8/21/2011 c25 6rivereq
yey and update, took long but totally worth the wait. good chapter, I like how your moving the story along. (:
8/21/2011 c25 Betty Y
Thank God it was calling you... I have missed this story so much..
8/21/2011 c25 2D. Kelly
Wow it has been a while but well worth the wait thnks again update soon Debbie
8/21/2011 c25 6NightWrighter511
Wow. I missed this story. I missed little Z!
8/21/2011 c25 Removed 321
UD soon!
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