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5/16/2015 c25 StarKitty
Your talented, I was in tears I really hope you finish this story. I love Abe and Rose's mom their story wow I always pictured it probably like that from the books. I also hope rose forgives Jake. And that once Rose finds out about her father Jake can come back and either find happiness with dimitri sister or just get closer and freedom away from that sorry bitch of a sister .
4/21/2015 c27 ROMITRI4EVER
PLEASE update ! I love this story
4/18/2015 c27 Guest
3/19/2015 c27 5Idshipus007
In love with this story! Zander is so cute. Please update it!
2/18/2015 c27 itzel.ortega.94
love your story!
hope you can finish it sometime soon (
1/2/2015 c27 bebekids5
Wow please update I like the story of like to finish it I would like to know what happens with her and her father with her and her mother I want to know what's going to come in the future and if they decide tO have more kids I don't know how your story is going to end but a lot of questions and a lot of answers And I'm just excited
12/16/2014 c27 2Ginevra Annabeth Herondale
Wow! This story is amazing! I love it, so glad I read it, and I REALLY hope you'll update soon!
Zander is just too cute for words, and the way you've handled the characters and their situations has been quite realistic and mature! And I admire that in your writing!

:D :D :D :D
10/15/2014 c27 Kellymc88
Since I found this story this morning I have not been able to put it down I love it its amazing I never wanted it to end I want to no what happens next pleeeeeease finish it :)
9/19/2014 c27 11Silvrwolf2594
I read this whole story in one day! Its sooooo good and usually i don't like the stories where Dimitri has a kid. I like the ones where Rose is raising her and Dimitri's child. But this story was so well written and it had some really funny parts. i do kind of wish that Dimitri beat Jake though for hurting Rose the way he did. Please update soon!
8/31/2014 c1 Jennifer Matthews
This story is my absolute favorite story so far on here! It is sooooo good! Awesome writing truly! Congrats on everything and cant wait for the update! HUGE fan!
7/31/2014 c27 6my 2 guys
that was good keep it up
7/21/2014 c27 Guest
Love the story!
7/13/2014 c26 asophia26
So amazing! Can't wait for an update.
7/6/2014 c27 1VAGypsy
Awesome story and you have an awesome show of strength that has pulled you through what life has thrown at you. This is one of my fav stories and hope you update it again soon!
6/16/2014 c9 vaforever
rotf lmao the was the funniest chapter iv EVER read
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