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8/22/2013 c21 Rexybaby aka Karen
Can you believe that I started reading & revising this story back in 2010. My last review was for chapter 17. To the author I apologise.

Was glad that Reed and Mira made it home safe. I wanted Levi to want to go home with Mac & Stella when they left after dinner the first night of Reed & Mira return.

YES! Mac & Stella got Jacob, am glad you made it a boy & not a girl.

Lucy, Levi, Jacob and dolls were a fantastic insert in the story.

I miss Mac & Stella, thank you for writing & sharing this story.
6/21/2012 c21 7ellivmacstellaiwish
"No, if you'd be open to it, we'd like you to be the godfather to Jacob."

"Mac, I um…" he pauses and then looks at Stella who nods in agreement. "I would be honored." That was kind of surprising.

"Very relieved he has Stella's cute features," Sid ribs Mac who merely shakes his head. "Jacob Taylor. Good strong name just like his father." Haha. I'm sensing some favoritism.

"Mama," Jacob utters and Stella stops and looks up at Mac in surprise, her eyes instantly watering.

"Mac he…he spoke his first word," Stella whispers as she kneels down beside Jacob. "I'm mama," she encourages with watery eyes, happy tears coming instantly. Awwww.

"Dada!" Jacob utters, bringing Stella into the room in seconds. She looks at Mac and then gives him a big hug and kiss.

"Dada," Mac whispers as it's his turn for his eyes to water. Awwww again.
6/20/2012 c20 ellivmacstellaiwish
"That's all I ever really wanted in life Stella, was you." Crying now.

"Hope you all weren't betting on that," Mac mentions sternly.

"We were boss and I um…won," Adam mentions sheepishly. Haha. The infamous office bets.

Stella takes in the heartfelt words and feels her heart skip a beat and her stomach tighten. "I think I am the lucky one Mac to have a man like you in my life," she tells him softly as she leans in, planting a kiss on his lips and allowing Millie one of many intimate photographs for them to keep and cherish. Aww. Reminds me of grounds for deception.
6/20/2012 c19 ellivmacstellaiwish
"Grandfather," he muses softly. "How can we be parents, godparents and grandparents all at the same time?"

"Oh come on Mac it's the new milienium, it's called multi-tasking."

"Not funny Stella." that would be kind of confusing.

"We'd be having sex?" Stella teases, forcing Mac to look up with a soft gasp.

"Seeeeeee aaaaaa…" Levi starts to laugh, slapping his hands on Mac's thigh.

"Stella," Mac groans as he playfully covers Levi's ears. "Now you were saying?" He smirks, drawing a small smack from her right hand. Haha.
6/20/2012 c18 ellivmacstellaiwish
"Trust me Stella, for her first grandchild she'll make the move," Mac states proudly. "And it's not just the cost, we'll be leaving our child with a person that we trust will also help to raise them the way we want." That's a good thing though.

"Can't leave you alone for a minute," Stella huffs as she hands the small bag of food to Mac and takes Levi into her grasp.

"That is not my fault," Mac insists. "But thank you for coming to Levi's rescue."

"Yes it was Levi I was worried she was going to flirt with," Stella answers sarcastically and Mac just shakes his head. "Well it really is none of her business what is going on but something tells me that she's going to come back for one last go around." It is Mac's fault for being attractive.

"Who are you married to Mac?"

"He's married to me," Stella answers proudly, prompting Aubrey to turn around in shock.

"Aubrey, I'd like to officially introduce you to my wife. Stella Taylor." Hehe. Take that Aubrey. That feels awesome :)
6/20/2012 c17 ellivmacstellaiwish
"I keep thinking that Lucy has picked him up thinking he was a toy and dropped him on his head," Mac smirks, drawing a small smile to Stella's slightly flushed lips. Haha. Mac is not very imaginative :)

Mac pulls Levi from Stella's grasp, places him on the end of his knee and starts to playfully bounce him, causing the baby boy to loll back his head and laugh, Lucy looking at her father to do the same.

"Yeah thanks Mac," Danny groans when Lucy lands on Danny's legs and insists that Danny bounce her also. Haha. Poor Danny.

"Aww the poor little guy needs to be free," Flack comments as he bends down to free Levi's struggling frame from the chair. "Mac can I take him?"

"Take him where?" Mac counters, prompting Flack to just roll his eyes and smirk. Haha. I don't think we have seen Flack with a baby have we? On the show.

"I love you Stella, more than anything. Do you want a family…a child of our own…with me?" please say yes!
6/20/2012 c16 ellivmacstellaiwish
"See if I did that I would get my a…butt kicked," Flack quickly corrects but finishes with a smirk. "Or a smack to the head." It's because Levi is a baby Flack. Haha.

"Want company in the shower?" Stella asks with a broad smile.

"What about Levi?"

"That's who I meant," she winks and Mac just frowns. "He's awake, I guess I could just leave him in his crib but…" Haha. Nice Stell.

"And if I pick the wrong place it'll be my crime scene right?"

"No way," Stella gestures as their meal comes. "They probably wouldn't ever find your body," she concludes with a laugh. I suppose that's reassuring ;)
6/20/2012 c15 ellivmacstellaiwish
"Well I bumped into her outside the daycare and she came to tell me to tell the woman you are seeing that it's very irresponsible to just offer your child to a stranger while you go with your friends…"

"Friends?" Mac arches his brows.

"Her words not mine," Stella smirks.

"Well what are you going to tell the woman I am seeing?"

"That you were trying to be selfless and save a life and that just endears the woman you are seeing to her even more. She loves you very much." Haha. I love Mac's reaction to what Aubrey said.

"Never thought I'd be so happy to hear a fart in my life," Stella states in sarcasm, drawing a chuckle from Mac. Me either :)
6/20/2012 c14 ellivmacstellaiwish
"They can't drive the baby to Poland," Stella argues in return. "We just need to stall them…"

"Long enough for us to get there," Flack adds.

"So am I going to hac…" Adam looks at them in uncertainty.

"Yes!" Both Flack and Stella chime at once as they rush for the door. Tht would be interesting to try to drive to Poland to say the least.

"Can you look me square on and tell me that?" Stella counters.

"No, because I'm driving."

"Smart ass," Stella mutters under her breath, drawing a small smirk from Flack as they press onward toward the airplane hangar. They were coming in with sirens on silent so as not to alert the men in the hangar and possibly turn one dangerous situation into an even bigger one. Haha. Nice Flack.
6/20/2012 c13 ellivmacstellaiwish
"Some days I want a child of our own more than anything," Stella starts her explanation, her head still bowed in Levi's direction; not meeting Mac's penetrating gaze. "Some days I'm glad we don't have to worry about something bad that might happen." Awwww. That does sound rational.

"The greatest gift a woman can give a man is the gift of life Mac. I love you more than anything and would love to give you that gift," Stella utters in the darkened room. "But am just a bit unsure." Awwww. I can tell Stella is wrestling with a lot of inner turmoil, but she shouldn't. She would be a good mother.

Well that's not good. Aubrey was being a b. I mean seriously is she that stupid? And she's a doctor?
6/20/2012 c12 ellivmacstellaiwish
"Just sleep?" Mac arches his brows in wonder.

"We hardly slept last night and you are thinking about sex," Stella teases, forcing Mac to just roll his eyes.

"I told you not to use that word around Levi," Mac groans. Haha. That would be funny, but people would wonder.

But Mac quickly ducks back to see Sinclair go into the small room and then both hear laughing and their boss offering baby talk.

"Think he'll blame us instead of Levi for not getting any work done?" Mac retorts as they head for the elevator. As soon as they get off they are met by Sid and Lindsay; both wanting different things. Haha. Well Levi sounds cute so he probably is cute.

"Upstairs in Sinclair's office," Mac answers. "And before you say anything, yes it was his idea and no, it's not him personally babysitting."

"Damn, that woulda been good blackmail," Flack smirks and Mac just looks at him in amusement. Haha yeah. Especially since Sinclair always seemed so uptight.

"Well Stella and I are…well too old and…" Mac stops and then shakes his head.

"Says who?" Sinclair counters, prompting Mac to look at him in surprise. Stella isn't that old. Mac is older.
6/20/2012 c11 ellivmacstellaiwish
"Stella, is your partner and best friend Mac, it would seem to be only natural that you would choose to involve someone who has your back on a daily basis in a tense situation like this. Trust me, I feel sorry for Bonasera. Having to be forced to play mother to a child that isn't her own without any real experience isn't an easy task." Wow. That was very understanding.
6/20/2012 c10 ellivmacstellaiwish
"Do we involve Sinclair?" Stella asks suddenly. "If we did then we might be able to bring Levi into the lab and…"

"And further distract the team?"

"There are always people around Mac," Stella answers. Well Lindsay and Danny brought Lucy to the lab a few times. Granted it did kind of distract people, but oh we'll.

"And he said I told you so?" Stella counters, forcing Flack to just roll his eyes and look at Mac who just shrugs.

"No I did not," Flack groans. "Do you at least have a name?" Ha, Stella likes picking on Flack.

"Just as a reminder, we are trying to cheer you up right?" Mac quips.

"Actually seeing you smile sets me at ease right away."

"Dinner will kill you," Mac teases. Haha. I like this light side of Mac.

"Never figured you for the fatherly type," she states offhandedly. "Well are you sure you want to be burdened with…" I didn't either, but Mac would be a good father.
6/19/2012 c9 ellivmacstellaiwish
"Well my heart is still racing and I might pass out. You know he actually told me where the quick release button was."


"And I had to laugh," Mac smirks.

"Figures he would know," Stella just shakes her head. "And you. Do you want to stop?" Of course Sid would know. Duh :)

"Okay right so I'll uh…be over…there."

Both of them once again exchange amused expressions as Adam takes his leave. Haha. Adam standing over there is funny.

"Stel…" Mac tries, giving himself a quiet inward curse when she takes her leave, flashing him a sideways glance that said he was in trouble. Yup,he's in trouble. Another reason not to like Aubrey, besides the fact that she dated Mac.

"Hey at least he hasn't barfed it up yet."

"Is barfed a scientific term?" Stella playfully arches her brows.

"You want to challenge me on scientific terms. Ms. Gooey?" Mac retorts with his own playful expression. That was a funny scene.
6/19/2012 c8 ellivmacstellaiwish
"Hi Levi, mummy's here," Stella greets happily, forcing the baby to drop his toy and instantly look up. He starts to flail his arms in a happy gesture, his little lips spewing forth a myriad of excited sounds as Stella gently scoops him up and holds him close to her chest. She turns to see Mrs. Brandt watching her with an approving smile. Awww. That is heartwarming.

"I am always afraid when he suggests something. What is Kama Sutra?" Mac wonders.

"Tantric sexual positions," Stella whispers as she leans in closer, forcing Mac's core to instantly warm.

"I uh…right okay…what?" Mac stammers, forcing Stella to just smile.

"Hmm so it seems that it's not only nipple talk that gets you flustered." Haha. Mac really doesn't stand a chance.

"I'm not going anywhere," he tells her with a soft smirk.

Stella half closes the bedroom door and hurries for their main apartment door, only to pull it open and stare in surprise at their visitor.


"Hello Mrs. Taylor, I have come to see the baby. Is this a good time for you and Mac? Is he available also?" Ha. Nope, Mac is stuck.
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