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for My Milaya out takes

9/3/2015 c7 6HeartThrobbingFanticyLover
i love the out takes of this story and cant wait for you to come back and right more.
8/31/2015 c6 blondjinjit
awesome chapter
8/31/2015 c5 blondjinjit
omg so sad. love it
9/8/2013 c6 2acr421
Where are you? I hope you come back and update all your fantastic stories. I need updates :) hope all is well and you come back.
5/31/2012 c6 twivampacademyfan
I feel so bad for Janine, but it was still a great chapter. Can't wait to hear from Abe! Update soon please )
5/2/2012 c6 SassYNoleS
Loved it ! Poor Janine ! My heart broke along with hers ! How coud Abe be so cruel :( ! Glad you updated sweets ! Xo Sass
3/12/2012 c5 MadameRozaBelikova
Yea I really did hate him until this out take, but I feel bad for him now. Poor guy. Soraya is a Bitch. I'll be it's because Abe loves Rose more.
6/6/2011 c5 2Kris Ivashkov25
I love it. The ending a little sad and i cried. Update soon.
5/27/2011 c5 7NecholeEJ
really really good. i loved this. i really did love jake also i wanted him to stay with rose. when he left her i almost cried and i was so mad. keep up the good work. yea i think that u should write something about them. also i think u should write about abe telling rose that he is her father.
5/18/2011 c5 vamplitlvr
I thought the "interview" session was great. I loved the banter. Sets up the out takes very nicely. I have always liked Jake's character but did not like him with Rose. I am still an Adrian and Rose fan (I know I am a sucker!) Please keep Soraya and Jake in the mix every story needs a villian and Soraya does play that part well. Looking forward to your next posts.
5/18/2011 c5 DKDK
omg! I loved it and I'm so sad! I'm still team jake even though I know its a rose and D story! I don't like rose sister so I would love jake back! I wish rose and jake ended up together. anyway can't wait till you update.
5/16/2011 c1 TwilightLove21
I love hearing the other POVs lol! Great chapter :)!
5/16/2011 c5 2CondomAtTheCrimeScene
Oh man! I don't hate him anymore! haha.

Man you did awesome on this! And I like the interview, it was something completely different from what I'm used to. Yet, done very well.

and I would like to see them soon into the story. =]

And I bet Emma is going to love the ring!
5/16/2011 c5 2NatashaNikolova
I loved Jake. I actually always have. I think it was really sweet of him to give Ian that ring. It really hurt my heart to have to endure Jake's heartache, I really, really love him and I would love for him to find happiness with Rose's sister. I also want them to make a few, if not more, cameos in the future.
5/16/2011 c5 stefi-emmawatson
Awwww, I so love this! It was one of the best things I've ever read. And I love Jake, I almost cried at the end, he deserves to be happy.

I want to see them again in the story but I want Jake to be happy. I really hope to read this but anyway, his story was just one of the best I've ever read.What else can I say, you were amazing with this out take and I can't wait for the next chapter. I really love Rose and Dimitri fluff. :D
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