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1/2/2022 c2 27Jhiz
Is it strange of me to really wish that just once Kyoko goes… okay… I am fired. That would show true love. That she loves herself and has pride in her own skills and achievements. We know she loves Ren and the Ren loves her but why does her employment have to hinge on it? Seems totally like a lawsuit for discrimination just waiting to happen. Not to mention if she is as good an actress as everyone depicts her then any other agency would jump at representing her.
11/10/2020 c5
Jajaja, que hermoso final
6/9/2017 c5 guessitguest
Ok. The last line was kind of funny. People who did not read SkipBeat! would think Ren is gay. But hats off Katy it was a nice story.
6/9/2017 c2 guessitguest
Ahhhhh. I am pissed, seriously Kyoko. No wonder why Ren is always frustated with you around
6/9/2017 c1 guessitguest
I will just say one thing KYOKO U R AN IDIOT... Btw Ogata and Kanae, I almost fell off my bed. Oh that was funny. Definately Ying-Yang
1/19/2016 c5 Guest
My review was posted eventuell thoughts it wasn't finnischen :'( I'm ashamed for trat.
It's the one with Chapeau at the beginning.
About your think with mistakes: I once read a story with far, far, far more mistakes so that it wasn't eben readable :-D
When I read this fanfic my imagination ran wild how it would end but I never expected that. Also I thought the characters weren't OCC but just as in the original story and every action seemed well thoughtout. At the half I came up with an idea myself, but I'm really no good at writing. Do you know the asian show "We got married"? Please look it up, there are videos on YouTube. I imagined Lory forcing our most loved blind couple together on the show with a LoveMe-request, simpler as in your story . and I couldn't hold in my laughter. The idea was just too hilarious and it would be such a punch in the face for Sho. Sorry for ging on about my idea, but I hope you'd like this idea just as much as me and write about it (unfulfilled dreams of fans are so sad T.T). And also sorry because of my bad English, I'm from Germany and typing this actually on my phone (always this shitty autocorrect : ).
Best regards
Some momentarily satisfied fan from Germany .*
1/19/2016 c5 Guest
This has been one of the greatest, happiest and simply lovliest fanfic I've read so far.
Your storyline follows a well thoughtout plan. And in my opinion the few mistakes you made aren't fatal eno
3/11/2015 c5 crystallyte
I actually wanted for ren to get really pissed at lory :(
But other than that, 3
2/21/2015 c5 A0H4
Lol! "My other son!",doesnt that make ren/corn/kuon gay?!
4/24/2014 c5 FangirlX
LOVE IT..LOVE IT..LOVE IT!..OMG...Other than Yashiro-san, I am a major Ren x Kyoko fangirl and this was just PERFECT..loving how the president is already planning their wedding and Kuu their grandchildren... :D...awwwww..Loving it...Too bad Sho wasn't in it much...LOVED it..That just sent my FANGIRL on over load..
6/27/2013 c5 2kitkatketi
I know this is REALLY late, but you should have totally made kyoko slap ren when he said that he was corn or something like that!... just to shock the crowd lol . I feel that she would get mad and think that ren was making fun of her :D
Although it didn't happen... that little plot came into my mind when i finished reading your story and it would've been hilarious!
Anyways! That was a great story, and really funny too .
5/8/2013 c5 Hinata'sMuse
This story was absolutely BRILLIANT, AMAZING, and filled with CHOCOLATE DESSERT INSPIRED HAPPINESS. :D I have (so far) read it seven times!
12/27/2012 c5 11Anilyn Shaw
what a twist, Kuu hooked them up v. funny really :). on a little grammatical note, Kuu calls Lory Boss, not the other way around. anyway, it was really good and i enjoyed it. nice job!
12/27/2012 c4 Anilyn Shaw
let the embaressment (i probably spelled that wrong :p) start!
12/27/2012 c3 Anilyn Shaw
figures :) it's never just one. it's both v i love it when the President tortures him :3
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