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7/20/2020 c3 ROBERT-19588
I would think that Harry would be an adult, because he had to participate in the Triwizard Tournament.

As the Triwizard Tournament, where for Adults only.
2/24/2017 c2 19VonPelt
Spanking your nearly 16 year old daughter can be seen as sexual harassment.
8/31/2012 c2 Hoffindor
I would not be opposed to you completing this or beyond the pale. I think they are both fantastic stories and deserve a conclusion.
1/28/2011 c2 Mcmllnchrstn91
1/28/2011 c2 Slytherin66
A very good chapter its about time Ginny was punished, what a pity she can't be sent to Azkaban as she won't give up and will go mad or become a Death Eater and vist Tom if she does not get her way.

I am glad Harry is getting help to counter the harm done to him. I look forward to what happens next with Harry and Romilda.
1/27/2011 c2 5Le Diablo Blanc2
thank you very much for continuing this story i was afraid it was a one shot
1/27/2011 c2 4Silo666
wow an update its only been for ever and a day cna u do it agen
9/23/2010 c1 2Karou WindStalker
Interesting beginning, I believe I shall watch eagerly for new chapters.
9/22/2010 c1 4Silo666
kool like it so far would like to see more ginny bashing
9/22/2010 c1 Slytherin66
This was a good story I agree with you about the canon character flaws Ron was of age and was still filled with Jealousy and Hermione can't be that smart if she ended up with Ron who showed no sign of growing up and Ginny the crazy fangirl as Harry wife would be a disaster I thought love potions were used.

I liked Romilda she got a bad deal in the books and I often think Harry might have enjoyed some with with a girl love potion or not and she did look good in the films and anyone is better than Ginny the whole looks like his mother is odd and the books never really went into detail as to why Romilda did what she did. I often think Harry would have been better off with one of the lesser known characters like Luna, Susan Bones, Romilda or a Slytherin.

I wish they were more Harry/Romilda fics out there, I hope the story will continue and that Ginny is sent to the same ward as Lockheart as that girl is not in her right mind and a danger to Harry.

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