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for Harry & the Mysterious Curse of the Girl-Who-Lived

12/24/2022 c1 Guest
Sorry this is anonymous

The writing itself is awesome. I want to make it clear that’s it’s been a single chapter and I’m already hooked. And the premise is mildly explained but I am very, very confused. Pleasantly confused, and in a way that I’m wholeheartedly excited to read more, but confused nonetheless. Excited to see where it goes!
12/19/2022 c1 Sora
Very compelling!
11/4/2022 c4 crashthisnow
Chapter 3 and you still act as if it is alright to not inform us why he is either a girl who doesn't know she is one or is a boy forced to look like a girl, this forced me at least to scrim through everything, not read so I can see if it is worth reading in the meantime you just seem to throw that in the trash bin and force a story to go beyond the point where that is already made clear because there should be no reason that he hasn't gone to the headmaster the very first day to have him in the know how but no let's act as if this is all normal.
7/13/2022 c17 Guest
"No, I mean the colour is a hair colour," said Luna in frustration. "It's the colour of hair! Bother, I sound mad! I don't even know what I'm saying!"

Hair-brand hair. Neat.
6/30/2022 c1 2Dauth12345
I favorited this years ago and only just realized it’s about being trans.

Well, I assume it is. I’m bad at people, but this does seem fairly obvious.
5/25/2022 c1 PSYCongroo
Hahaha que está pasando!.
3/9/2022 c25 SafaiaFureia
You are doing a fantastic job. I love your take of Harry as a girl (not girl). I look forward to the next time you get around to updating!
2/17/2022 c25 LoveLove
This fic is excellent! Thanks for sharing. :)
1/21/2022 c24 From Future
I feel the flirting is somewhat jarring there. Sure, Cho Chang & Cedric Diggory is not too out of place as a pair on their own (even if how they're trying to get Harry alone comes across somewhat creepy/awkward).

However, Lavender, Parvati, Ron, Susan, Neville...Even Ginny and Luna went rejectful of Cho.

So it's almost 23 chapters of near nothing, between the omake and crush(es) on Lockheart closer to rejection of the concept of teenagers having any romantic or sexual interest. Now, right after new year, most of Harry's friend circle is not just giving signs but building roads.

The simultaneity, timing & higher starting level of competence at it comes across somewhat forced - combined with the family planning there, one might even suspect magical interference.

Regardless, that's not to say I haven't enjoyed your writings so far, nor to say that this subject isn't of interest to address with this unique take on GWL (I see some readers already have ideas with time turner or that cliffhanger.) Just saying you might want to make it more gradual, staggered and spread-out next time (if that ever happens).
1/18/2022 c25 1lax23-nitty-book
Hi there! I've had your story as a favourite since 2010! It made me smile to see you still updating! I remember reading your first few chapters in high-school and I still come back to read some chapters. Take your time with finishing this story it fascinating and you've done an amazing job keeping us engaged in your world. I just finished school so I totally get it about being busy.
12/19/2021 c24 2cloverskye
Woot, probably one of my fav hp fics so far. I could foresee some issues arising very soon with second base scenes. I feel like harry just just have Dumbledore swap his gender to full female until they can figure out how to fix the girl curse. He's already comfortable with people seeing him that way, and it would feel less like lying to Parvati while making out.
12/2/2021 c1 Guest
don't really see whats so funny about it. Especially when if giving a detailed explanation about what he sees or something similar they can figure out the issue. Instead this is just the typical ignorance and purposely avoiding what can give the solution..
9/20/2021 c13 2GoMagikarp
Maybe It's just me, but the way Harry constantly fails to share obviously important information with figures of authority who obviously need to know about it is just maddening. I don't know, Harry, maybe, *maybe* would should tell Dumbledore that you've been hearing a demented inhuman voice screaming about killing and blood and you followed it right to the scene of the crime. Maybe you should tell someone instead of just walking off and seemingly forgetting it literally just happened.
9/20/2021 c10 GoMagikarp

Why wouldn't Harry just immediately write Dumbledore and let him know he has the address of the family that the house elf stealing his letters works at. Worse, the house elf that says terrible, terrible, dangerous things are going to happen at Hogwarts.

It seems implausibly stupid he would forget or just not do so considering the whole "trap" was Dumbledore's plan to begin with.
9/19/2021 c3 99Ohfortheloveofpete
Well Thank God Harry didn’t go blind.
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