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for When the Levees Break

6/26/2012 c5 miss-tarletone
All of the chapters were very well written.
10/7/2010 c4 elizabethkeen
lol, oh Jai, Arthur agrees these days not because hes about to be on thin ice, but because hes gettin some. Yeah, I should stop while Im ahead.

I liked the Jai/Auggie scene, very nicely played. I think you did good trying to get into Satan's little helper's head :) hehe
10/6/2010 c4 68PoeticallyIncorrect1
You did a great job with Jai. The Jai/Auggie scene is pretty much how I imagine it.

There is one thing that you possibly did get wrong and I replayed the episode to double check. Jai went back to Sri Lanka apaprtently on his own from what I can figure out from his response to Ben's comment about being there unsanctioned.

All in all it was great chapter.

9/28/2010 c3 elizabethkeen
ARTHUR! LOL. I wish that last part was on screen, but no. They deprive us of kissing. Ugh. Great job getting inside of his head :)
9/26/2010 c2 elizabethkeen
Yay for Auggie! I liked how you included a brief thought about Liza. I really love how protective Auggie is of Annie. Great job once again. Hopefully its Arthur up next :) hehe
9/22/2010 c1 PoeticallyIncorrect1
It was really good how you did Joan.

I think Jai's POV would be good and if you add scenes not shown I think a good one between him & Auggie would be when he convinces Auggie to give him Annie's location. A good Jai scene in the show was when Annie confronts at the elavator about Sri Lanka. I am actually not sure what Ben's POV would be to tell you the truth. anyway keep up the good work and I look forward to more.
9/22/2010 c1 33ComicalEpiphanies
Great idea. Do whoever you think you can. I'm going to read them all.
9/22/2010 c1 elizabethkeen
Yay! I like how you ended Joan's point of view. They are going to rock the socks off of us next season! Cant wait for the other POVs :) Wonderful job!

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