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2/10/2021 c16 2AutumnBee124
Is Draco, Seth's imprint
3/5/2020 c16 Arc-Welder
Great story. I hope you are feeling better. I hope you can get back to writing in the future. Please get well. I really like your writing style.
9/1/2019 c16 Mandi Swanson
Such a good story. Can’t wait to read more. Smile
2/3/2019 c16 Kuroe17
Will there be a continuation please ?
12/12/2018 c2 Gracie15Trowa
I not sure if someone told you so . They were ment to have lunch but it ended in dinner? Whats ul with that .
11/28/2018 c3 1Sakihinata
Poor Paul ;)
11/26/2018 c16 little-bast
You're back!

Love the new chapter!

Are the rest of the Weasleys and the extended family descend upon Forks skipping straight to the welcome to the family event?

I knew you would update!
11/26/2018 c16 ficfan
Hey I kept coming back to re-read this over and over and today I was rewarded

I love that not only Harry but Luna, Fred and George and possbily Draco have found their mates!

Look forward to reading more
11/25/2018 c16 Elfin69
I am so glad that they are all safe. Will Harry and the others go after Ginny and Treffen and turn them over the Magical Ministry in America or did Leah actually kill them?
11/25/2018 c15 Elfin69
How did they even find them and will they be able to get to safety soon? What happened to Ginny and Treffen after they were knocked out?
11/25/2018 c16 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
11/25/2018 c16 10Kai19
so thrilled to see a new chapter! I really love this story, and was definitely excited to see that it had been updated! something tells me Seth is a little more interested in Draco than just a curiosity. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next. Thank you so much for updating!
11/18/2018 c15 Alec Goodman
please continue
2/7/2017 c15 mummyjae19
Love this story!:) cant wait to read what next..
7/14/2016 c15 Lunaluvr95
Ok I need more. You can't leave it like that lol.
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