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for The Never Ending Nightmare!

7/15/2012 c1 3livyisnotfromtheshire
Hahaha! LOL! That had me ROFL, seriously! You should write another!

-Livy xoxo
10/11/2010 c1 1itsajensenthing
Oh. My. God! LMAO! Nicely done ladies nicely done. Hehehehe! I remember first time I read finish product LOL i was at school laughing my head off and my friend read a bit and was like "OMG LAURA!" LOL hehehehehehe omg can you imagine if this actually happened? Yikes! Lets hope the NCIS cast/crew don't read this one hehehe
9/29/2010 c1 Meg
! Oh my god, i forgot how freaking funny and srange this story is! LOL! I come across as a complete whack job :) Nice editing :D
9/25/2010 c1 JPNCIS
LMAO! i seriously don't remember writing this but ok, sounds like something we would come up with... btw I'm the Jaz in the story :) Hope the NCIS cast read this lol...

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