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6/18/2021 c3 Dracofan212
Wow, that was a really good chapter! I wonder if he noticed the change in Pansy?

Or it would be cool to see a chapter from his point of view.

Love the way you portray Hermione. I like how she knows what she wants and gets it. She should destroy Draco! Hahaha!
12/8/2019 c3 mijita55
Awww please make a sequel
10/2/2018 c3 1eternityluvv
well, that was amazing. Hermione always gets what she wants whe she puts her mind to it.
4/7/2018 c3 Catuhh
I want to know what happened afterwards :(
7/6/2017 c3 Guest
That was not clean
12/14/2016 c3 Reader2016
I looove your story! I really like this Hermione and how she wants Draco. I shipped them all along and although they 'just' had Sex and she wasn't even herself but Pansy, it was amazing.
12/3/2015 c3 Annie
Gods that was...good. Please keep writing, your amazing!
12/3/2015 c1 Annie
9/22/2015 c3 20dean-winchester-is-our-king
4/20/2015 c3 Guest
Aww it was Pansy's body. But the story's cool though!
12/29/2014 c3 Feloriaforever
Great story, thou at the end I was hoping he would scream out 'granger'. But that would probs never happen.
12/3/2014 c3 Amelia
Huh...I was reading the whole thing and I can't help feel slightly impressed she actually managed to do it without him finding out that she is actually Hermione. Heh...stupid Malfoy.
8/23/2014 c1 sweet treat
Loving this story. There's not many stories where Hermione pursues Draco. We need the next chapter to see Draco's reaction.
7/28/2014 c3 CJ
I wonder if the potion wore off and he knows it's Hermione. You should have wrote the next chapter.
7/28/2014 c2 Guest
I like this story. It is fun to read. However I wouldn't want someone who didn't want me. Instead of pretenting to be Pansy why doesn't Hermione try to get Draco as herself, and wear a shorter skirt or alower neckline?
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