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7/5/2012 c3 The Chaminator
Update soon :D can't wait to see what happens next. I thought she's be a bit disappointed because Draco is messing with Pansy on the side... I know I would be :P

3/20/2012 c3 gabbygoober23
9/25/2011 c3 1bLuEcOoKiE
It's not over is it? Update soon! ;)
9/20/2011 c1 ma4petite
This is a great story. Can't wait to see what Draco does when he realises it wasn't Pansy.
8/16/2011 c3 3LittleMissNerdy
Please please continue this!

I have been thinking ALL DAY about how this would continue.

(I would be ecstatic to trade ideas)

Love, love, love it!
6/14/2011 c3 3Kawaii Ali
I love this side of Hermione~! The only bad thing I can say about this story is that it is so short! I hope it's not completely! I would love to see Draco's reaction when I finds out it wasn't really Pansy and his search to find out who it was, especially if he couldn't keep the thoughts of the things she did to him out of his head! ^_^ But is still wonderful even if you do not continue it any futher!
5/17/2011 c3 1JulesCapulet
what happens next jd4? please continue, does millicent ask pansy why she was being an idiot on holidays and pansy says shes been on holiday the whole time. then they tell snape someone impostered pansy and they find traces of polyjuice potion in the abandonded bathroom?

pleeaassee continue the story
4/26/2011 c3 Tigermusic
Awsome keep it coming im looking forward to read some more pretty soon so keep it coming:)
4/17/2011 c3 1x-PoisonousKisses-x
Can't wait for the update, this is pretty epic =)
4/15/2011 c3 6soulspirit18
can't wait for more :D
4/15/2011 c3 4Reever93
Ewww! Why did she impersonate Pansy! ? No offence, it was interesting to read this, but i like Dramione and i didn't need the mental image of Draco f-ing that pugfaced b**ch! I have a very vivid imagination, so yeah, i can imagine the scene, even if it wasn't the real Pansy, but Mione! Update, i want to see what happens next!
4/14/2011 c3 2StarKiss666
Until she realizes the potion wore off! lol ! =)
2/9/2011 c2 beclikesbooks
Oh no! You have to update; you can't leave me hanging like that! :)
1/14/2011 c2 6soulspirit18
Oh I can't wait for more...please update soon :D
1/10/2011 c2 padoryia
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