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10/18/2021 c6 Fleur50
10/18/2021 c5 Fleur50
Morte de rire. J’ai fait pipi dans ma culotte tant que j’ai ri?
10/18/2021 c3 Fleur50
10/18/2021 c2 Fleur50
Au chapitre 1, j’ai dit lol, ce n’est pas correct, c’était plutôt Wow! Mais je pensais encore au dernier chapitre, vous m’avez fait tant rire avec toutes ces mesures d’hygiène si proche de la réalité.
10/18/2021 c1 Fleur50
3/26/2020 c6 polyphany
Love it! ;-)
11/28/2016 c6 twirob
AWESOME! o/t, f/t please come back to post some more ;D
4/9/2016 c3 TheRugbymom
2/22/2016 c6 petmom1213
I love this story. It's so good.

11/13/2015 c6 dpennell007
Wait, wait! I'm not ready for this to be over!

Oh well, since it is - it looks like I'll have to face facts. Thanks again ladies! It was a Very entertaining ride.
9/5/2013 c6 DayDreamer077
haha. funny! Okay, so that's it? No more outtakes then?
9/5/2013 c5 DayDreamer077
hahaa. omg! he created a powerpoint presentation and silicone model of her vajayjay? hahahahaha. roflmao! nooo! hahaa.
9/5/2013 c4 DayDreamer077
They had a sexbargo too? OMG! haha.
8/17/2013 c6 Jptexas
I love these outlooks
I Dom.t want to sound greede, but can you give us more outlooks?
Love this E&B
7/2/2013 c6 TEAMEJforeverloveTWILIGHT
Ohhh this was such a sweet chapter! I love reading about all of their parent stories. They are the best. Well this is finally really over. I will miss it but i know it was a real good time while it lasted!
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