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for Oh Sookie! A tribute to Snoop Doggs Video

8/3/2017 c1 Suzymeinen
7/8/2014 c1 10RavenHollow
I saw the snoop dog video on youtube and thought it was catchy I was surprised to find a fanfic for the song but I must say it didn't take me long to find it funny i mean holding your sides red faced tears falling down the face when I read the reactions of the male characters. I quite enjoyed this story very much.I can honestly say it was something worthy to be a scene on the true blood series though knowing how much pam hates Sookie her having to sit in the room with the real Sookie plus 3 imitations might have her being for the true death in order to avoid a room full of Sookie's I would love to see more with this story
4/26/2012 c1 iluvmysteries
great story
3/27/2012 c1 7kleannhouse
loved it

2/21/2012 c1 Master Fan Fiction
great story
12/28/2011 c1 Power ReviewR
great story
9/26/2011 c1 Want Good Fan Fiction
great story
9/16/2011 c1 Sookies Best
great story
8/19/2011 c1 19blackNdeadly
*TAKES A DEEP BREATH* ...Seriously, really funny and absolutely brilliant..."Well, fuck me upside down and sideways on a Tuesday morning..."

And poor bill...poor bill..

Excellent work..really excellent...
3/20/2011 c1 Cageyspice
OMG you made me LAUGH! "can I keep one of the extra Sookies?"

Great idea! Send it to Snoop!
1/21/2011 c1 Lexi 'The Viper' Salvatore
OMG OMG this story had me in stiches all the way through it's fantastic 10 out of 10
1/8/2011 c1 9Rebelina11
One of my favorites of all time: "If Bill returns from that movie, stating that Sookie "Completes him" I will chain him in silver for a week! Bill definitely loses his man card for watching that movie." Pam says smirking at Laf and challenging Bill.

HILARIOUS! And sooooo Bill. I could totally see him saying something stupid like that to Sookie. ICK!
11/21/2010 c1 23Miral
OMG, this was pretty funny. Very original idea. When I read that there was a chandelier in the car, the first thing I thought of was the giant Faery chandelier thing that made an appearance at the end of S3. I say if Snoop Dog wants on, Alan Ball should get him on there. If AB is going to insist on dozens of storylines, at least one with Snoop Dog would be amusing. They should just let him write his own lines, too. Very original. Thanks.
10/26/2010 c1 8Sassyvampmama
LOLOLOLOL! I thought that this was hilarious. I love the premise of Snoop being a shifter and really hung up on Sookie...Too funny!
9/27/2010 c1 SusanJ39
Very funny, as was each person's role in it. Guess Eric did not come off cool here! I can see Sookie flirting with Snoop! Bill is just such a tool. What else is new?

Glad to see you're writing again.
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