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9/1/2017 c1 157YenGirl
First fic I've read that has fleshed out the man he is. And wonderfully done.

Chojiro, you too are a treasure :)
10/19/2010 c1 40Marching Madly Onward
Great story

I like any story that takes the time to put the old man under the lens. He's often brushed aside as a bureaucrat or a monster, looking past the fact that he's a man with more stories to tell than any other character. And that may not be a good thing for him.

You conveyed the fatigue and despondency that comes with facing day in and day out in such a militaristic mind set. He has very little time left for friendship-not when there's so much work to be done. It's easy to think of Yamamoto as a monster, but you've beautifully shown us that beneath the robe and title, he's still a man.
9/24/2010 c1 Mary Lou
It is refreshing to find a story about Genryuusai as the main character and not just mentioned. This was a very interesting insight into the oldest known individual in Soul Society. I have often thought that his must be a lonely life. Between the great respect he garners and the fear he strikes in people is enough to keep everyone away from him. Good job!

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