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for Belle's Farting Problem

1/15 c155 9Ohma flame
...10 years on this...10 FUCKING years...I am impressed
12/23/2020 c151 Guest
A decade. A whole ass decade was spent writing about Bianca farting. I am both horrified yet impressed by this amount of dedication.
9/29/2020 c1 dracofirex
This is my faverite story you wrote I am happy your doing more. If you see this can you please wright more with Belle and her big butt farting pooping? Please wright more of Belle farting on caracters faces or pokemon and takes lots of big poops on him too ON PURPOSE :3 I like when you say how big her butt and stinky it is. Maybe please wright Belle needing to go on the potty again a BIG time but she chooses to use her pokemon or a pokemon wild's face? :3 I like when if you can make Belle pooping on other caracters more. I'l only want this please? :D
9/28/2020 c150 dracofirex
This is my faverite story, I am so happy your doing more. If your seeing this i like the parts with her big butt farting and pooping pleas do more big butt fart and lots of poop with Bel enjoying doing on caracters and pokemons faces. Saying with detailed how bad it is and stinky it smells! :D :3
8/27/2019 c117 Guest
8/26/2019 c108 12Gobrush-Rushgob
Please, please, please, PLEASE,

anything more with Bianca similar to this chapter.
2/27/2016 c4 Bunny
How can someone be so motivated to write 147 chapters about fucking this?
1/10/2016 c1 Guest
Do ya think you could do a third male farting fanfic with Lucario? Got reminded of the idea reading this Pokemon fart fanfic.
1/7/2016 c147 Guest

Though I rather Hilda fart over Bianca, if you know what I mean ;)
1/7/2016 c147 Guest
I want Bianca to sit on me with her farting big butt and take a shit all over my face
1/7/2016 c147 Guest
This won't make people hate, it's going to make people masturbate.
1/7/2016 c147 Guest
The adventures of Pokemon's Farting Bianca will never end! Never!
1/4/2016 c147 Guest
Awww... it's a shame this story is ogre, I was enjoying it greatly.
1/1/2016 c147 3kerina-chan
10/10 i cri everytym
1/1/2016 c147 15NewBrunswickXNovaScotia
...Bianca finally got to the Elite Four? And this story is finally over? O_o
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