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for Crazy For This Girl

1/20/2014 c1 JaToya
That was epically awesome.
9/10/2011 c1 9LindsaylovesPacey
OMG...I totally have that song on the DC soundtrack :) Anyway, you are quickly becoming my fave Puck/Rachel author...loved this one too!
7/25/2011 c1 26nitefang
It's not supposed to be funny considering the circumstances, but FIVE MENTAL HOSPITALS? How will Puck EVER get out of there?
1/12/2011 c1 6kataragurl27
i like it
11/6/2010 c1 29BecAlora
I want sooo badly for this to be a story. SOO badly.
11/1/2010 c1 PixieTrix09
9/28/2010 c1 LJ515
I was completely expecting this to be an LOL story, and it did have its moments. I just was not expecting it to be so frickin' sweet, if a tad sad. Puck is obviously THE best boyfriend ever in the world. Loved this.
9/25/2010 c1 Ali08
Aww u write so well..loved this!
9/25/2010 c1 24mag721
lol lOVE the literal translation! hahaha too funny! (but :( for rachel being depressed and argh to anyone who hates on her dads!)
9/25/2010 c1 FREAKTONIGHT
Aww, love how he got committee and kicked out. 3
9/24/2010 c1 10Emrisah
That was so sweet! And in a weird way, such a Puck thing to do. Really, really gorgeous. Kudos!

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