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1/13/2015 c3 Dusk Shine
Yeah uh!
8/7/2013 c10 16cats12812
i can not imagine drew gay all i see is a little Harley with green hair
8/1/2011 c10 SatoKasu Fan Forever
Sorry again for delay... this is a sweet chapter, very very sweet... I like Drew a lot in this chapter, because he helps May in a very difficult moment°^° (even if I'm very sad for Contestshipping, because it's one of my favourite pokémon shipping after Pokeshipping xDDD)... Norman makes me laugh with his jealousy and Caroline quietens him ahahahahahahah, however I repeat that this a wonderful chapter... now I'm very curious to read the next chapter KantoContestshipping (another name of Festivalshipping alias Harley/solidad xDDD)PS sorry for the previous review... that is anonymous and separated in two parts ;_;... ok, now I finish... I greet you, talk to you soon and forgive me for the mistakes about language, bye bye :)
7/21/2011 c10 3louminosity
Hi! :) Though I'm not really a fan of this shipping, I thought that you wrote it rather well. Are you going to do a "K" shipping for the next chapter, or just do like a Jailbaitshipping (cont.) chapter? Well, I cann't wait until the next one! :)
7/19/2011 c10 1HUGE pokefan
Nice chapter! Not my fav ship, but you wrote it well. Drew...eyeliner...I am never going to be able to unsee that...
7/19/2011 c10 15splitheart1120
May and Brock?

That has got to be a really weird pairing...
7/1/2011 c9 1HUGE pokefan
Awwwww cute! Funny, it's usually the dad that is like that. XXXD I know my dads prepared to kill. XD Great chapter! :D
7/1/2011 c9 1potatooo
ikari ikari ikari ikari ikari ikari ikar

what's jailbaitshipping?
6/29/2011 c9 3louminosity
Hi! :) I LOVE IKARISHIPPING! :D Sorry, had to get that out. I loved this chapter, other than obvious reasons, except for the whaling part. Why are people so mean sometimes? Anyways, other than my rambling, I love this chapter because of your characterizations of Paul and Dawn. I somewhat want to see how that dinner would have gone. Anyways, I can't wait for the next one! :)
6/28/2011 c9 Guest
Uff, I'm truly sorry for this horrible review, because the first part anonymous is always mine I hate me so much, however I repeat that I really love this chapter with ikarishipping^^, now I'm very curios to read jailbaitshipping :)... talkin of next chapters, I noticed that you changed your mind about "K" you won't write on kitchenmaidshipping but you will write on kantocontestshipping, another name that identifies festivalshipping (harley/solidad) and this couple is perfect for me too, maybe this pairing is better than than kitchenmaidshipping, in my opinion :)... in any case I found a couple for the letter "M"... I found on bulbapedia monroeshipping (brock/marilyn), it's ok for you? Because from my point of view this couple is more better than morpheusshipping (ash/angie +_+) or masumishipping (misty/max ù_ù) therefore I suggest this pairing and then brock deserves to be successful with girls, at least one time that he has the opportunity xDDD... finally I'm at he end now I greet you, talk to you soon and forgive me for the mistakes about language, bye bye :) PS sorry for the double review bye bye again!
6/28/2011 c9 Guest
Hello! This chapter is wonderful°^°, even if ikarishipping isn't one of my favourite shipping anymore, you are be able to emotion me with this couple *_* and however I like this couple because it is always intrigued me :), sorry maybe I result incoherent but I like the pairing paul/dawn very much (even if I love againstshipping), you must believe me!
6/28/2011 c9 15splitheart1120
Yay, Ikarishipping!

That was an interesting chapter...

Whaling is bad, lots of whales are endangered because of it...
6/19/2011 c8 3louminosity
Hi! :) I think that this chapter was really cute. I loved the flour fight and that waitress at Olive Garden. As for the upcoming shippings, I think that Ikarishipping is absolutely perfect! :D Oh, and I was just wondering, am I the only one who doesn't know what Jailbaitshipping is? And could someone please tell me? Anyways, I can't wait until the next one! :D
6/19/2011 c8 1potatooo
i thought of shippings you can use for letters O, P, and T

O= oldrivalshipping

P= pokeshipping (see my other review)

T= twinleafshipping
6/19/2011 c3 potatooo
i read your profile and YAY YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ONE FOR IKARISHIPPING! WOOT! And can you pleeeaase make one for pokeshipping? :D:D
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