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9/8/2011 c2 1Uzumaki kamikaze Jesus
thats what he thinks
8/26/2011 c8 jjones987
8/24/2011 c8 blasterdog
good stuff
8/20/2011 c5 Awsomeness7
samui is karui probably just a year older
8/20/2011 c2 Awsomeness7
ya you succeeded, but how the HELL did naruto's dick go from 8 inches to FIFTH-FUCKING-TEEN?
8/19/2011 c8 10avatoa
Good stuff. Good stuff. Looking forward to reading more!
8/3/2011 c8 8Jay-Jay12393
I guess I haven't reviewed this chapter. I could have swore I did. Oh well it was too awesome and I'm just waiting for Samui's turn. Please make haste.
7/29/2011 c8 DJatomica69


And I thought Kiba was a dick.
7/24/2011 c1 5Neo-Genesis101
Great story so far man! big fan of your lemons, i just wish we all didn't have to wait so damn long before the next updates, so both this 'fic and "Days of Peace". also could i make a suggestion on the harem lineup? see if u can put Konan in there, you know after Naruto defeats Pain and all? she could "prove her allegiance" after joining Naruto.

I'm also looking forward to what you do with the Kumo girls, BTW, is it too much to ask if you throw Yugito in there to? Please? i'm a big fan of hers.

anyways, go luck with the rest of your fics; can't wait for the next chapter to be out (hopefully soon *crosses fingers*)

Peace! =)
7/20/2011 c8 PsychoticBoredGuy
I Say it should be the first one
7/13/2011 c8 ctrup
It's been over a month are you done writing?
7/10/2011 c8 4blood enraged
7/6/2011 c8 9Slicerness
7/5/2011 c8 El Frijolero
Hardcore lemon please update soon
6/25/2011 c6 trooperofthewild
This is nice. While the smut is a bit unrealistic, its can be explained away by the reason of being in that particular fandom. :)

Have you read Harry potter? If so, have you considered writing for that series? Would love to see a similar fic in the HP series with Harry/Older women as the pairing. :D

Anyway, cheers. keep up the good work. :D
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