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for Naruto: Lemon Chronicles

7/20/2011 c8 PsychoticBoredGuy
I Say it should be the first one
7/13/2011 c8 ctrup
It's been over a month are you done writing?
7/10/2011 c8 4blood enraged
7/6/2011 c8 9Slicerness
7/5/2011 c8 El Frijolero
Hardcore lemon please update soon
6/25/2011 c6 trooperofthewild
This is nice. While the smut is a bit unrealistic, its can be explained away by the reason of being in that particular fandom. :)

Have you read Harry potter? If so, have you considered writing for that series? Would love to see a similar fic in the HP series with Harry/Older women as the pairing. :D

Anyway, cheers. keep up the good work. :D
6/23/2011 c8 naruto is da bomb
that was fucking good for the next chapter i would go with samui after that i would go with Shika's mon Yoshino then just make up random MILF's
6/22/2011 c8 3Pervy-apprentice
Love the stories, love the lemons.

I just can't believe he fits in any of them with that GD thing.

Anywho, keep writing!
6/22/2011 c7 Rickjames196
finally i read chapter 7 and 8 is out woot
6/19/2011 c1 4Grumpywinter
6/15/2011 c7 8subterra59
Do what naruto did to sakura from piles of lemon chapter forteen to samui in you next chapter
6/15/2011 c8 12Wyrtha
Good chapter.
6/15/2011 c8 kitsuneshade
He did fuck tsume after all so he is literally one lucky mother fucker or in that case one lucky Milf fucker lol
6/15/2011 c8 CelticReaper
awesome chapter

update soon please
6/15/2011 c8 33Dragoon Galaxy
this was insane, impossible and funny as hell! those women are going to die happy if Naruto's not careful, but what a way to go
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