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for Constantly Risking Absurdity, KyoyaOotoriOC

2/21/2018 c3 VermilionShade
You're getting annoying kyoya
10/28/2017 c3 sarahgri99
I absolutely loved this! It's been years so I don't have much hope for another update but I'd love to see kyoya and him to finally get together for real. If not then at least the aftermath of what happened in the 3rd chapter! Thanks for writING this!
7/16/2016 c3 Haku hibari
love it
3/2/2014 c3 Muddy Teddy
Aw! This is really cool! Keep it up!
11/9/2011 c1 crazycecelia
love the fact that you put in robotics since im on the team! oot go nerds!
12/30/2010 c3 2Ima.SoC.razy
I love this story! Please write more!
11/29/2010 c2 6Gee Brittany
Please continue! I love this!
11/17/2010 c2 random lazy person
10/21/2010 c1 to lazy to log in

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