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for His Voice Resides

11/11/2019 c6 Yeegaber
Aaaaaw poor thing! Great team interaction. Reid without his voice...if you ever decide to finish i’ll follow xx
4/17/2018 c6 blaircrazy1
It would be such a shame to abandon this story. It is so good. Would you please consider writing more. I'll even beg. Please, Please Please.
4/5/2016 c6 15LeonoraChris
I hope you'll come back to this someday. Too good to not finish. :)
10/25/2015 c6 28Santiago'sGirl
You really have me on the edge of my seat. Will he ever get his voice back? As always I love how you describe what's going on and how Spencer is changing due to the inability to speak. I can't wait to read the next chapter. No rush but OMG! LOL write on my friend write on!
10/25/2015 c5 Santiago'sGirl
:):):) love it! Poor spencer
10/24/2015 c4 Santiago'sGirl
It breaks my heart to see him that way thus I LOVE IT!
10/24/2015 c3 Santiago'sGirl
Ooooo! I just want to take him in my arms and give him a big hug! Your story just makes me want to cry! I love the details I love how each chapter does not seem rushed. That is what makes it a great story!
10/24/2015 c2 Santiago'sGirl
Omg poor Ried! You have me on the edge of my seat, well it looks like I am going to be glued to this story while at work tonight
10/22/2015 c1 Santiago'sGirl
So sad:-( I do enjoy a good story where something happens to the main character and it makes your stomach lurch and you sit on the edge of your seat
3/20/2015 c1 alj0569
This is a really good story ...I hope that you come back to this sometime :) xx
2/26/2015 c6 12StoryTimez
It's a really great story, are you going to continue?
1/3/2015 c3 Brinohms
"Super hungry but didn't have much off appetite"?thatis a contradiction.
12/22/2012 c6 TammyGreen
It's great. Thanks D
10/6/2012 c6 4Tekie Scythe
Aww. Poor Reid got sick. (Will he go crazy?)
10/6/2012 c5 Tekie Scythe
Yay! He's asking for help!
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