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for His Voice Resides

9/27/2010 c2 1lolyncut
How sad. At least he's alive. I only hope that someday his speech will return. Spencer needs to concentrate on healing right now.
9/27/2010 c2 1168luvcarter
Excellent chapter.
9/27/2010 c2 24purplerayz
This is so sad, yet so good. Reid not being able to talk is such an appalling thought. Definitely looking forward to more!
9/26/2010 c1 napkin societies of ireland
Ohmahgawd. Intense. The hospital scene was really cute lol :p Update soon!
9/26/2010 c1 KASEY64
This sounds good. I saw how freaked out Reid was when he went aphasic in "Amplification" so he'll be a horrible mess if his voice is lost for good. It will be interesting to see how Reid copes without his main source of communication. I can't wait for more. Update soon!
9/26/2010 c1 2pipinheart
I hope he will get better, I am sure the team will be there to help out...
9/26/2010 c1 Green Penguin
oh boy, this is new and interesting. wonder if it was an accident or the partner lying in wait-dun dun DUN! i'm sure you'll let us know...

keep it up! its an interesting premise so far.
9/26/2010 c1 1168luvcarter
Excellent start.
9/25/2010 c1 1lolyncut
so sad. Hurry up and update.
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