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4/20/2013 c1 47Angelus Erreare
I got lost in your fic. The ending just didn't fit. The scenes were abrupt and without explanation and hence did not flow, coordinate...or make any sense. (From when Ichigo said to see her in school) I believe some paragraphs or sentences were mistakenly deleted. Anyway, in the future you would do well to read through your own fic JUST before posting it...It would've been an awesome fic if your sentences were intact.
2/6/2011 c1 12PoeticNonsenseNinjaStyle
very good!
12/4/2010 c1 23HerFairy
awe cute! :D
10/4/2010 c1 11More2life
Awwww that was cuteee! I love it I love it! You did a real good job :)) I really like this storyyy it was intense/cutee.
9/27/2010 c1 Nel
Ok really good chapter!

But some sentences are not very well coordinated. For example:

Orihime was played like a doll by him, and never felt so scared in her entire life.

-here something is missing-

She blamed herself for her brother's death, but Tatsuki and Rukia refused that it was her fault.

But still was fun to read it!
9/27/2010 c1 11Blitch
hey.. i love pretty hime at a ball.

fic wise - the 45mins of silence was meant for humour/drama? normally it's max at 2 mins.

while the beginning flowed nicely, the ending was most definitely abrupt. ichigo said to see her at school, but she went to the ball running into his arms? there was lack of explanation/expectation there.

he should have said, he'd be waiting inside or something.
9/26/2010 c1 gollumsfriend
The only thing I can keep thinking about is the 'moment of silence' that lasted 45 minutes... XD

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