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7/28/2013 c22 Fandom Monster
I loved it so much and I would love another one
10/8/2012 c22 Guest
Love this story I've read twice
8/18/2011 c21 64theonlyxception
I couldn't stop reading this story, until the very end. Besides some of the missing words in the story, this was a great, well thought out story and I enjoyed reading it.

Really, I have a newfound appreciation for both Arthur and Joan after reading this :)
8/3/2011 c21 30Shadow Cat17
I loved this story!
7/11/2011 c22 castlet
Yes you should do a sequel! I think not much time should have past it was be interesting to see them juggle the baby and job
7/9/2011 c22 Laurenvers
Yes make a sequel!
7/9/2011 c22 2LoverandaFighter
sequel. more CIA stuff. :)
7/9/2011 c22 7LilahMorgann
I would like to see how they deal with the stress of a newborn and how the juggle work with a new baby.
6/30/2011 c21 ValentinaB
I LOVE this fanfiction! And I love Joan/Arthur! I would love to see something like that in the show :)
6/27/2011 c21 6Tempe4Booth
6/5/2011 c21 50black widow mistress
Kari Matchett is the one that was born on the 25th of March, which I think is cool that the baby was born on that day :D

Great chapter, Great story just absolutely awesome all round! :D
6/5/2011 c21 2LoverandaFighter
I loved this story. I always wanted Joan and Arthur to be happy. Thanks so much
6/5/2011 c21 68PoeticallyIncorrect1
It's been an interesting story. hd to look it up but the person you're looking for is Kari M who plays Joan. (Have you seen her on her 3 Leverage episode appearances?)

I'd still like to know what Jai got for a gift. You were one of the few writers to write a good protrayal of him.

6/5/2011 c21 20Little Miss Isabelle
lol, you're welcome! Seriously, I give advice like that every single day. I probably have wayyyyy more name insight than I know what to do with! bahaha.

I really loved her name, anyway! Serena is another favorite of mine. :)

And Annie being Serena's godmother is really sweet.

Loved the ending! And I'm pretty excited about that new CA fic you're talking about. :) I'm so excited for CA to start up this week, so there can be more CA fics around here! :)
6/4/2011 c20 2LoverandaFighter
good ending
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