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6/2 c94 2Tana2001
As always as pleasure to read!
I don’t know how many times I have read your story so far.. I always come back to it and then I’m drawn into the story like it was a first time read.
I love how you depict the characters. Edward is just so sweet even though he surely is struggling himself.
Is there gonna be another EPOV before the end? I’d love that.
I really hope you find the time to update soon because this great story just needs an ending. I can’t wait to read how it’s all gonna play out.
Is she gonna sue Laurent and Stefan?
What about Helen?
Hope you write an epiloguemaybe Bella and Edward in collegeAnyway I’m sure it’ll be awesome.
Hoping to hear from you soon!
5/23 c94 Anastasia
I started reading this story a long time ago. 2014 maybe. It was translated on russian Twilight web-site and wasn't finished back then. It's the first story I tried to read in English. It was a bad idea))) Very bad! So I waited until the translator did her job and read it again.

Now, almost 10 years later, I come back to this story. It's still amazing, and I really hope you will finish it. This story is deserved to be completed.

And it's great to see Helen's diary. Though when she first appeared in story I didn't want to see her point of view, no I think it would be interesting to know why she left Bella. She loved her, at least in the beginning. So what happened during 2 years they spend with Laurent?
5/9 c94 1EdwardLoverForever13
Please continue writing this story! I would love to see how Bella’s story ends. I want her to get justice and be happy.
4/9 c94 Aquilae Ravenclaw
I love this so much. I find it so beautifully written and I really hope this masterpiece is finished (though I understand sometimes a break is needed). All I can say is when it is updated I will be here faster than you can say Quidditch. Thanks for sharing this beauty.
3/31 c94 AbiQ
This is the 3rd time i’ve read this story, and I continue to get drawn in. The writing and attention to detail is fantastic!
You probably get these questions a lot, but will there be a glimpse into the future? Does Bella choose to take the Cullen name herself?

Hope you are doing well, where ever you are and what ever you are doing! I always look forward to sitting down with this story again. I love your recommendations for other stories As well.
3/27 c94 1Mirksaz
This is the first story I found that I really loved which started me reading fanfiction. I've read it so many times and keep finding new things to love. Hoping for a new update soon!
3/8 c94 Spawn
I miss this story, please come back soon.
2/22 c82 twiluvrr
edward is such an asshole in this. hes literally so selfish and i hate him and he pushes bella way to far.
2/20 c56 twiluvrr
jesus christ edward is so selfish in this book
2/11 c94 LouE92
This story is amazing. I felt like I could really connect to the characters and there was so much depth. I’m glad you took it slow and made the healing seem realistic rather than over with in a few chapters like some stories. It must of taken a lot of dedication to commit to the story for so long and you have done it so much justice doing it the way you have. I am really looking forward to the last few chapters.
2/7 c1 kurinahk
Wow. Just wow. I could not put this story down for 3 days, only slept 2hrs last night and the final chapter came way too soon. This was so so good and I hope there will be more.
1/12 c94 Guest
Looking forward to the final chapters. Have enjoyed re-reading it this week.
1/11 c94 Tealfox111
This story was suggested to me on Facebook. I've taken my time to read this over the last few months, as it's quite an emotional journey. This is so wondefully written with Bella's healing journey being raw and messy and beautiful. I am amazed you have put so much into this story over more than a decade! What a gift you so graciously share with us. I do hope you find it within yourself amongst the chaos that is this world to continue this story to the end. Your writing is brilliant and I'm honored to be on this journey of healing with Torn.
1/9 c42 Guest
It's been a long time since I read this story. I enjoyed it so much I returned to re-read it on a weekend binge. Just as good the second time around. Thank you again for your time in writing it and for sharing.
1/8 c94 9WreckItRalphFan
Wow, I now have a new favorite fanfiction ever! I am blown away at the quality and details put into this story. You've done a fantastic job. I've read the entire thing in the last few days, literally couldn't put it down! And now I'm here hoping more than anything that you haven't abandoned it because I need to know how it ends. I've found so much comfort in Bella's story and how she has been able to make a new life for herself with the Cullen's. I could go on forever but sadly need to keep this review short today. Fantastic job!
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