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1/4 c12 SerafinaElena
Not sure if you are still reading reviews after so many, but I'm only on chapter 12 and love this! Should technically be very triggering for me as a lot in the story resonates with me, the milder abuse, being forcibly mute and on those awful high calorie little drinks after I had an accident and lost 50% body weight following an induced coma (took around 8 months for speech to be understandable, serious consequences for 10 days on a ventilator!) but I love how well and realistically this is written I'm hooked. Don't normally write reviews as I have very poor hand function so it's difficult to type, but wanted to say that I am really interested in where this is going!
12/30/2021 c94 Guest
Merry Chrsitmas! i hope you are good!
12/20/2021 c94 AshesRestraintHealing
Really really amazing story. I have binged read this story over three days. And its crazy addictive even my family had noticed. Fantastic story and i cant wait to see whats next. I feel that this story has really helped me heal alot. To give me certain perspective that ive never thought of before. To understand humanity is to understand that humans can never be understood. Thank you for the read so far. Loving the ride and hope to see you soon:) stay safe
9/10/2021 c10 atouchofcitron
it's so hard to follow the tumultuous and irrational nature of her trauma. she oscillates between wanting to trust them but then immediately goes back to putting up her guard, to trying to minimalize herself as much as possible and be meek and obedient... but i don't necessarily understand her anger at this last chapter then. it's clear she was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused, but for her to test esme's kindness? wouldn't she want her kindness? what weaknesses has she necessarily revealed if she hadn't really exposed it in the first place? i hope that her healing will begin steadily but judging by the number of chapters, it's going to be rather slow. in it till the end though!
9/8/2021 c94 akela9
Finally caught up. Can't wait for the conclusion. I hope you can finish this one. Have really enjoyed it.
8/28/2021 c94 clairepettie
It's so incredible to follow such a good a fic over the years. Dooba's writing has evolved over the last decade and the story just gets better and better for it. I'm sure real life must be a bear right now, but I do hope that, one day, we'll find out how things worked out for this remarkable Bella. In the meantime, I'm beyond grateful for getting taken on such a wonderful journey of hope and healing.
8/27/2021 c94 kelmikmag
I feel so sorry for Renee and Bella.
8/25/2021 c94 Guest
I adore this story
8/8/2021 c94 MissWM
I find it really weird the whole everybody living in the same place thing. And I dont think esme and carlisle would ever be accepted as foster parents in those circumstances. It is really serious. But well, apart from that, I really enjoyed the story and how bella has been growing. I hope you finish it. Thanks for sharing
8/6/2021 c94 vitoria160599
continue por favor
8/4/2021 c94 1Ratava100d
oh man, oh man, I first read this story back in 2010 and then remembered it again a few years later and then again a few days ago and I've barely slept, just blazed through the story in a 3 days (with no sleep, of course). it's a fantastic story and really evokes so many emotions. I'm sad it wasn't completed, but I'm so very grateful to have experienced the story in the first place! thank you, dooba!
7/31/2021 c94 14Mystic-Ice84
I left and returned to this story. I’ve really enjoyed, but was left confused in a couple places. You early on Bella was in Arizona, but in later chapters it’s Florida. And I swear Emmett and Rose were accepted to UW in Seattle in one chapter, but later you put UCLA. Otherwise, it’s an amazing story.
7/27/2021 c94 Guest
When will there be a new chapter?
7/22/2021 c94 BethMasenCullen
Thank you for the peek into Helen's diaryhow sad and tragiclooking forward to the next chapters!
7/21/2021 c94 4Kristen.Dayringer.73
I've been following this for years, I'm so glad your still posting updates and I can't wait for the next one.
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