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7/21/2021 c88 BethMasenCullen
I wondered who the car might belong to... I hope he is still locked up!
7/18/2021 c62 BethMasenCullen
I would love a nice swaying hug from Edward! lol!
7/17/2021 c60 BethMasenCullen
This chapter was simply lovely! I can see why you love it too!
7/16/2021 c50 BethMasenCullen
I love the progress Bella keeps making. And Iblove thebwaybher connections with each of the Cullens is growing too...
7/15/2021 c47 BethMasenCullen
I just want to say how much I am enjoying this story! I can hardly put it down! I love how the characters are developing and how Bella is growing and changing. I can feel her struggle with learning to reframe her entire life. I cant wait to see how it continues to unfold!
7/14/2021 c94 wronglydreamer
Hiya there!
I have been addicted to this story since I found it a few weeks ago. I love how well explained is the recuperating process of Bella, although I am always looking forward to reading good news for her. Thank you so much for sharing and keep writing this story... I appreciate it and loved every hour I spent happily reading it. The writingjs great and I absolutely love the relationship between Esme and Bella, it took ages but when she decided to open up it brough a lot of confort for her!

Hope you are fine and whenever you can you upload another chapter!
7/12/2021 c94 julie
Thank you for writing this story. It's the best fanfiction I've ever read - very well-written and empathetic.
7/7/2021 c66 monica
encontre esta historia hace poco, y no he podido parar de leerla, por favor dime que no la dejaras
7/5/2021 c94 BlueSmile15
I absolutely love this story and the time and details you put into it. I have actually been rereading it and keep finding things I missed the first time. I really hope you continue. This is an incredible story.
6/27/2021 c94 Guest
I'm sure you hear this all the time, please please finish this story.i made myself read this super slow in hopes you would complete it by the time i finished. This is such a good story, keep writing its something you are really talented at. I just can't wait for more.
6/25/2021 c94 ChaoticH
This is such a sad, hopeful and beautiful story. I hope you continue with it.
6/19/2021 c94 ninny 1
Great story really love your words
6/4/2021 c93 AcolorGray
omggg yesss, are there going to be lemons :\ or no, or like more intimate stuff
5/28/2021 c4 10Alruix
I read through this story once, and barely a day later I'm back at the beginning. Take your time, please! Rushed work is not as good as snail work! Anyways, my first time reading, I didn't really read the author's notes, but this time, I am. I'm shocked to hear that you are not a native English speaker, I never would've guessed!
5/17/2021 c94 Guest
Please take your time with your writing! Don't feel any pressure you don't want. Your writing is fabulous! I hope you're doing well. Have a good day!
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