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for The Adventures of Flannelette the Pirate Maiden

12/22/2020 c61 131mattsloved1
I love how Flannelette's clothes are bone dry and pressed. Beause, of course they are! lol
12/17/2020 c61 431Ultrawoman
Ah, wonderful. So glad you still have more of this to share. It's coming along swimmingly, if you'll excuse the pun ;)

12/15/2020 c61 18Ennui Enigma
I love how Flannelette's clothing is perfectly pressed.
The parody of "jacks" is great!
And the final mobile crabby swarm is priceless at the end.
Thank you for such an enjoyable read tonight.
12/7/2020 c60 131mattsloved1
Oh Lizzy, calm down. Flannelette only had Will's best interests in mind. She's got a heart of gold that one. lol
12/7/2020 c59 mattsloved1
Those sharks didn't stand a chance. Flanelette is nothing if not thorough. One has to make sure Will is safe or else there's serious trouble later in the story. lol
12/7/2020 c58 mattsloved1
If I was to believe anyone about having the help of sea turtles it would certainly be Flanelette instead of Jack! Hooray for Flanelette!
12/6/2020 c57 mattsloved1
This piece, and Flannelette, are as marvelous as ever. :-)
12/4/2020 c60 18Ennui Enigma
Hooray for another Flannelette adventure! I was relieved to see loud parrot helped avoid too much angst between female heroines. Liz's glare sounds fierce.
12/4/2020 c60 Anne LM
Enjoying the clash between Liz and Flannelette. (And the parrot, of course!)
12/3/2020 c60 32Wynsom
Tehehehe! Lovely storytelling enriched by rhyme. Thank you!
11/28/2020 c59 18Ennui Enigma
Another delightful continuation of Flannelette's adventure. So many cute references... I smiled all the way through in spite of desperate drowning splashes. Enchanted sharks and "dressed food" were particularly fabulous in their appearance. Thank you for continuing this line of prose!
11/28/2020 c59 431Ultrawoman
Oh, that last verse! lol Dear Flannelette, taking every opportunity, as a pirate maiden should ;)


11/28/2020 c59 Henoluin Elsilim
Too lazy to log in but I couldn’t NOT comment. When I got the notification for this I literally just went “oh my god” out loud. It was like being transported back to the good ol’ days of fanfictiondotnet. And I see Flannelette hasn’t changed a bit LOL.
Thanks for this random bit of nostalgic joy, MrsP 3
11/27/2020 c58 32Wynsom
Lovely cadence and lively action! Flannelette the rescue, hurrah!
11/25/2020 c58 12ShahbanouScheherazade
I wondered how she would rescue them - should have guessed Flannelette had some amazing trick up her dainty, shimmering sleeve! :-) Sea turtles! Also loved the "quite impressive coil of rope"!
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