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for The Damage Has Been Done

10/10/2010 c5 ElfinEragon
good story cant wait for more tho shouldn't Artemis be more in control of his feelings instead of snapping at holly like that?
10/9/2010 c4 Anon
But... But beating the crap out of people is so fun and satisfying! I've no objections... :D Good story so far!
10/8/2010 c4 13DreamerGirl2245
oh oh update NOW!
10/8/2010 c3 DreamerGirl2245
poor Holly poor Arty they need to go out with each other
10/8/2010 c1 DreamerGirl2245
i like it oh i hope Holly starts liking him
10/8/2010 c4 perfectlyderranged
Thanks for another great chapter! Please update soon, I'll be waiting =D
10/7/2010 c4 9KusajishiFukutaicho
About your AHEM "beating the crap out of arty"...hmmmmm, I liked it! -smiles brightly- I mean, it wasn't overly done (Arty didn't wind up being dead AGAIN) and we need a nice dose of that to make us feel worried for Arty once in a while^^ (Arty is starting to become some sort of unbeatable figure...even though like, he can't fight...you know what I meanXP) Sry if it makes me sound sick, but I was kinda thrilled:) And I could really feel holly's worry for him then^_^

That was AWESOMELY done! I'm DEFINITELY favouriting this!XD Update soon please!(:

P.S. You could slip this kinda chapters once in a while...believe me, I'm sure readers won't mind...haha,

readers like me would probably enjoy it once in a while^^

P.P.S. sorry for the extremely long rant. I was overly excited. Your work was really well done (Liked arty's and holly's relationship!:P)
10/7/2010 c4 18Beckett Simpleton
One thing that bothers me in your ANs. Capitalise your 'I's please! I know it's just an AN but it's just as important. Thank you for the update! I don't mind you beating the crap out of arty. If you look on my favourites list, I have just realised that most of them involve Artemis being hurt in some way :) I'm not an Arty basher either :)

Good luck with the next chapter

10/7/2010 c4 10not bitter just twisted
Yay! Ribs!
10/6/2010 c4 2disney-movie-lover
Don't be scared. things like this keep the story intense. if arty hadn't gotten hurt it would be really cheesy and boring. so thank you for "keepin it real foo" LOL keep up the good work!
10/6/2010 c4 rainbowmouse
For a second there when all of the Peoples' magic was running out, I thought you were actually going to kill Artemis D:

But you didn't, so that's pretty awesome.

In other compliments, this story is really really really really really really really really really good. And so it's supertastic that you update so often! :D :D :D
10/6/2010 c4 ElfinEragon
Great cant wait for more and y would you expect flameing from arty getting hurt? it isnt the first time he has been hurt lol anyways cant wait for more please write more.
10/6/2010 c4 someone
that was cool! i loved it, youre a really good writer!
10/5/2010 c1 8invader13panda
lolz i love it 3
10/4/2010 c3 perfectlyderranged
Another amazing chapter! I really think this is one of the best Artemis Fowl fics I've read in quite awhile,so please keep writing and updating. I'm dying to find out what happens next! Thank-you,=D
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