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10/4/2010 c3 5mischievous101

Remember me? The blackmailee? Bunnie? *sniff*

Stop leaving me on cliffies! I don't like cliffies! :( You better update soon~

There are a few nitpicks, though~

"She had just realised she had no idea where..." It should be spelled "realized".

"...course, Retrieval and the other Recon officers were taking a nice cushy shuttle. She activated her wings and leapt" In the previous chapter, you said that the reason the other Recon officers would go with Holly to be backup in case the Retrieval officers couldn't get to Holly's side yet. It would be pointless if the Recon and Retrieval went together, do you get mu point? :D So, if they're riding in later and earlier shuttles respectively, it would make more sense, and you could clarify...

"Ill find out his location since I already know you're going to disobey orders" You missed the apostrophe in "I'll", dear. Just a small typo. XD

^_^ So, update soon or I will buy a hacker's guide and find that chapter myself! :)

(Actually, I doubt they sell hacker's guides...well, my point still stands! And about ideas...there are a few *sly grin* Though I'm not sure you'd want them. I guess you have everything planned out anyway *shrugs*_

10/3/2010 c3 1BunnyWithEvilIntention

Great great great!

I love stories like this.

Great title btw, update soon!

Okay, I reviewed, now review my Arty fic. :)
10/3/2010 c3 2camdifferent
*Holds Breath* EXCITING! UPDATE,UPDATE,UPDATE,UPDATE,UPDA- *Starts panting, after yelling at 90 decibels* This is a great story, and I'm definetly looking forward to seeing what happens next
10/3/2010 c3 2disney-movie-lover
I love this chapter...i have no complaints. LOL
10/3/2010 c3 ElfinEragon
(froths at mouth) write more love the story line plot and all the rest. please and thank you
10/3/2010 c3 18Beckett Simpleton
I caught one uncapitalized sentence in the actual story and other that that i did't see anyting. Please update soon?
10/2/2010 c2 1CarolinaEirasSa
Really great.

Update quickly!
10/2/2010 c2 unknown identity
not bad
10/1/2010 c2 5mischievous101
:( That was mean. *sniff* Are you threatening us? XD

And Holly is SO going to use the big gun. It's just her. She likes BIG guns. As in, REALLY BIG guns. (Especially if she's going against Koboi.)

So, I reviewed, you keep to your part of the deal! *pout* (XD)

10/1/2010 c2 69eyesocketsandsuits
Frasome. ^^ It gets the character personalities nicely. :D
10/1/2010 c2 Please wright more
Every time you wright another chapter i will tell a friend to read and reveiw it! DEAL? if so wright another chapter quick!
10/1/2010 c2 CatDC
keep going! it's a good plot and i want 2 read it. maybe have some AxH. i just luv holly and artemis and think they r ment 2 be
10/1/2010 c1 rainbowmouse
This is pretty good so far, especially for a first story. I'd reaaalllyyyyy like to see more! :)
10/1/2010 c2 3Gellia
your storry seems pretty good so please continue ! I am looking forward to read more about Holly .
9/30/2010 c1 Me
Continue! :D

I haven't spotted any errors yet, so keep on going~

~Too lazy to sign in, mischievous101, Bunnie~~
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