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for Hell's Gate 20 years latter! Memoirs

5/20/2012 c1 1GS12
i dont think humanity went exstin maby lost earth but i think it metond in the alternativ opineing that mars hase been teroformerd so maby we can fix earth eviroment later so earth maby lost but humanity sitll around
10/14/2010 c1 6RJLCyberPunk
To Avalauncher whomever you may be:

According to all possible sources there's this:

1. RDA has only 10 ISVs and there is no evidence whatsoever of your claim that 5 ships are enroute to Pandora and Viceversa at all times, they most likely wait for the return of each ship from Pandora before sending another ship again.

2. There is also no evidence that suggests a crew cannot stop a ship and turn it around, the problem is the time it takes to decelerate and fuel.

3. I don't see what's so funny.
10/6/2010 c1 avalauncher
LOL how come no ships arrive "after the departure of Venture Star" when at least five ships are enroute to Pandora at any given moment which cannot be stopped or turned back in mid-flight
9/28/2010 c1 2Bigoldfrog
Depressing. More the depressing because of the feasibility. Definitely provokes an emotional reaction.
9/28/2010 c1 Gladiatorlady1
You are one depressed and depressing dude. Plus it would help if you actually read what you wrote. You are missing words in your sentences, the last sentence in the first paragraph is a prime example, but not the only one. Your punctuation could use some work too. Did you have anyone beta-read this? After reading it several times, it seems that this 'story' is but a statement of a hyper-pessimistic outlook on life. Since you are the author, I can only conclude that is what you truly believe. And that is a a true tragedy.

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