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3/22/2018 c2 Guest
I haven't read the story yet because it's on hiatus. I just wanted to comment that THAT is one of the most amusing titles I've seen in a while. Nice. lmao
6/17/2012 c3 Super Girl
I read your one story, Embrace, and though it was sad, liked it very much. You put such emotions in your stories that the reader can feel them strongly. Don't cut yourselve short from about how you write.
6/6/2011 c3 New york Mike
You know Novus even if im going to miss you or(Am already missing you)Im actually happy your going your own path,you have a lot of potential and i feel that you will succeed.And i kinda went through the same thing as you,i was also accused of cheating on a poem i made,this almost cost me a grade -...-not cool.I believe in you Novus,even if we have not met,i believe in you.You will be an amazing author one day and ill be standing in line waiting to get you autograph =]

God bless

5/21/2011 c3 17Jack Mirembe
I want you to know that your writing has always inspired me. When I was first starting out on this site, and you gave me positive reviews and feedback, it helped me believe I actually had some potential here.

You write with such beauty and power. I get chills when I read your work. Everything is crafted together so beautifully and effortlessly. I wish you the best of luck in the future. Go out and make the world want to build fantasy castles and create heroes again.
12/20/2010 c1 Amphix
I have never understand the reason of a prologue in a fanfic, maybe is because no one has used properly...

Yea, it was very poetic, deep, philosophical and full of retrospective questions, but still naive. I have always think that one can write a very smart and touching prose without much; otherwise it could be only pretentious.

Sorry, I'm sure that it wasn't what you wanted to hear, considering your popularity.
11/15/2010 c3 8YourMoosyFate
I've been wondering where you are, but I didn't ask because I didn't want to make you feel rushed in any way. I found this just now, while checking your profile to see where you've been. I'm not going to lie to you, I am both surprised and a tad disappointed.

Unfortunately, I understand exactly where you're coming from, and I wish you all of the best. I suppose that there really isn't much else to say, except that I'll miss you. It may sound weird because I don't actually know you, but I will miss your writing and honestly, I'll miss your reviews.

You are a very talented writer, and I think that you have a great shot at being an author. You are also a very considerate, and cherished reviewer. I highly value your opinion, and I'm sad to see you go.

Again though, I wish you all of the best. Who knows, maybe some day we'll even sign each others' books...

11/13/2010 c3 TheCriticDude
Alright, this sucks. I will miss your work. But, like all the others have said, you have potential to be awesome. Let me think of a quote to adequately sum up my thoughts real quick.

"Every man is an artist. Our canvas is determined by the materials we use. Every man has a master piece, and to us it is always priceless. When our masterpieces are critiqued we know that we have done well. When our masterpieces are praised, we know we must work harder to achieve the next level. No man can acheive perfection and only man with no art seek to claim perfection. Know thy self and never forget, the human spirit will never be dimmed." -Unknown

So, in my opinion, it means if you know what you have done is good, make it great. If you write a bad story, learn from your mistakes. If you seek to make a story everyone likes, youll end up losing your art. And know that even if others dont believe you wrote your work, well you know and that is all that is really needed. And the last part. Never give up.

At least i hope that is what it means. I did just make it up... Well take what you want from it.

And to summarize. Never give up, your awesome, and can i have a cookie?
10/29/2010 c3 8VociferousVixenofDarkness
A ghost from your past is now staring aghast at this very chapter you have posted up last.

It's been a while. Distractions and interests have taken me away from something I used to enjoy. Lately, I've had more time, grown older, and begun to get back to the things I enjoyed only to find my muse walking out the door. I won't be selfish and beg and plead for something I want; only express my sorrow over your decision. That being said, the decision is a smart move for you; a grown up decision that no doubt will work out well and possibly pocket you enough change to simplify your crazy work schedule. (And write more, of course! ;)) What's best is that it will keep you working on something YOU want to be working on with no constraints, and let you unleash your full potential in the medium. Let me know how it works out, and best of luck! -Cheers!

To the man who kept me ensnared on something when I dove in unprepared. A true legend who transcended all that was intended for a cartoon fanfic, I wish you the best with your work, and hope you continue to live up to your name. ;)

10/26/2010 c3 13The Flying Frog
No worries. I understand completely. And while I despair that I won't read your works much more in the foreseeable future, I cannot but help admire your resolve. And I agree. I too, have been writing my own original piece of work. Takes up time from fanfiction. But whatever you write, I'm sure it'll be fantastic.

Keep up the writing and don't let life get you down. And should you ever need someone to review or theorize about your original piece of work, do not hesitate to call on me. I am not afraid to bring up weak spots, nor am I afraid to give praise as necessary.

And if you don't call on me, well life goes on as we say.
10/26/2010 c3 7spartan585
its a tragedy for this site at ur decision. while i sincerely hope ull reconsider, i guess da call to do far greater things is more important. ur a gifted writer n such gifts r best used to its fullest potential.

see u at ur book signing;)
10/25/2010 c3 3titanfan45
I guess that I knew this was coming at some point, Still, I'm sorry to see that today is the day. I do understand where you're coming from though. You should definitely write an original work, you absolutely have the ability to do so. Just remember, when you get published; let your old friends here on FF know and you'll probably get to meet some of us at book signings.
10/25/2010 c3 4Twilighthippie1
I think you should try it. You are such a great writer (you and some other people inspired me), and I KNOW you can get an original story published-I'm sure of it. And I wish you the best of luck! You deserve it! You've made so many good stories, and you've gotten feedback, you've been through a lot on this site, and I think you should give it a shot!

I have the dream of being an author too, and I've already got some ideas rolling around in my mind-about 3-4 story/book ideas. I really want to be a writer, it's been a dream of mine for...3 years now, and even though I'm not very active on FF, I've been writing my own stories (one of them has a lot written already, which I'm happy about!)

I really think you should though, because you are a great, descriptive, imaginative writer. Your stories rock! They're the bomb! And I'm really positive about this-If you put your mind to it, I'm sure you are going to get an original work of yours published.

I want to be published. It would be great. But I'm not sure if my stories WOULD get published, because I'm younger than most writers, so maybe people wouldn't want to publish me because of that. But (in the words of Journey!) Don't Stop Believing!

Give it your all, and I'm sure you're going to get there. You have the ability, you just got to have the determination!

I wish you the best!

~Twilighthippie1 :)
10/25/2010 c3 crazy nerd
I wish you the best of luck and hope that you will tell us the books name when you finished so we can look it up, if you want to. good luck
10/25/2010 c3 2GreenRock
Bloody hell! First Force left the FanFiction scene and now you . . . what's this world coming too?

Seriourly though, whatever you ultimately choose to do, I wish you all the best.

You've written two brilliant one-shots, as well as one incredible multi-chapter story to your name; though they may not be as reknowned or hugely popular as other stories on this site to do with TT, they have undoubtedly been a joy to read and it has been a pleasure witnessing the talent that you posess unfold with every chapter of prose.

Judging on what you've written, I do think you have the potential to create something original and should definitely give it a go. Despite it being a tough market to crack, if one out of every one thousand people enjoy's your style and your stories . . . open up your bank account and just let the money pour in. Knowing the imagination that you posses and the endless ideas that seem to scurry around in that brain of yours . . . the world's your oyster; write away.

I hope that - if it goes that way - Sir Alwick will be able to conclude the project that you've recently begun. Another talented person taking the works off of someone who they themselves is a talented writer . . . that should be incredibly enjoyable to witness.

Finally . . .

Every person on this website is a facade, but - I feel - it's the words that we put down on paper that brings out the true person behind the name.

I think that all that's left to say is this . . .

Thank you for producing some incredible work this past year.

Good luck to you and your colleagues with the rest of Ganguro.

Thanks for all the support, conversations and your kind words with regards with the reviews I left on your stories; as well as your reviews on mine and the PM's that you've sent.

Good luck with whatever you choose to persue in the future.

Enjoy the rest of the year and if you do choose to come back . . . I'm sure your readers and all your fans will welcome you back with open arms.

Best Regards,


10/25/2010 c3 Buri-kun
Dear Novus,

I'm sad that you're not going to be writing any more fanfiction yet happy that you will be working on writing still. As a reader, I'm looking forward to reading your original fiction too- you're a great writer and have brilliant ideas. Where will I be able to find your original works? fictionpress? Rest assured that we don't at all feel abandoned. We're glad that you've been able to provide us with the vibrant worlds you have.

Good luck!

As a teacher of mine always says: "I wish you the best of luck, I wish you the best of skill, may the Force be with you."
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