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for A Fiery Passion

5/7/2014 c6 Guest
Temari has the big sister concern problem and Naruto has the friend concern problem. Oh the dilemma is overwhelming!
5/7/2014 c5 Guest
This is so sweet! The starter plot with the councilmen was interesting and it really got me into the village and the type of people it shelters. The fact that the Kazankage could actually get his villagers to help him, shows that he must have a special relationship with his village. I really love where this is going!
8/16/2012 c9 Le Heart
I'm aware that Echo Uchiha has been given the responsibility to at least finish this story. And hence, may I ask if he/her has decided to discontinue it? For it hasn't been updated for quite a while now. If that is the case, please inform us readers. I believe that is also the responsibility of a writer. Thank you very much.
8/1/2012 c9 ChibiLee
love it :D i shall see if this Echo Uchiha has the rest :D
8/8/2011 c3 theInsaneArtist
Now that is how you write an OC! :D
5/19/2011 c9 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
may i have it? pm me!
5/19/2011 c8 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
5/19/2011 c7 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
5/19/2011 c6 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
love it!
5/19/2011 c5 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
5/19/2011 c4 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
5/19/2011 c3 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
love it!
5/19/2011 c2 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
5/19/2011 c1 Lucy Ash Hawthorne
3/9/2011 c8 41MeteorLeopard
I only read your story now but I love it. :) It's funny at times and I can totally see the scenes playing out in my head. You did an excellent job of keeping the characters in-character.

Btw, is Naruto going to spot Sakura anytime soon? Because he is the PERFECT candidate for a bit of over-reaction! . SAKURAAA-CHAN! Ah, what's he doing here? That kind of thing. :)

Loved the story and PLEASE update.
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