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12/22/2010 c1 4anemix
I've never thought of it that way before. How horrifying.


( . .)


11/21/2010 c1 2HPGal3
:gasp: It all makes sense now.
10/2/2010 c1 31Sarah Kennedy
This is a great perspective, I hadn't thought of the TARDIS's opinion on this. Well written and really thought-provoking :)
10/2/2010 c1 3Garnet Sky
Sounds like someone's jealous. ;)
10/2/2010 c1 wolf-wolf
I love this there needs to be more open minded Rose fics out there(e.g she's not the perfect little angel that will make the doctor's issues fly away =/)

but yeah keep the writing up.
10/1/2010 c1 89Ace of Gallifrey
And THAT is not a way I've ever looked at it before... but I like the way you think! It's a strange way to look at the 9-10 regeneration, but it's also a strangely accurate examination of that particular event in Who history.

(And just for the record, it makes me dislike Rose and love Donna all that much more.)

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