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for Responsibility

2/9/2021 c1 Guest
Good on the Doctor to say those words.
Francine prove a jerk and a hypocrite.
Here's a grand idea for a story. She tries to kill the Master, only to kill Martha who blocks the shtos. She cries whiel the MAster gloats she killed her and compares her to him.. pointign out humans be the same coz they relish kiloing. Francine would try to do suicde with a knfie only to see the knife's fake as be the gusn. And Martha's alive, and all she shto was a holo-robto (simialr to PROXY from Star Wars: Force UNleashed). The Doctor would replay why he put Frnachie throgun ti with 'Needs must' and how revenge corrupts th heart.
4/16/2015 c1 Guest
Eloquent and thought-provoking piece. Francine's voice is very well done and it is such an intriguing angle to look at the Master and the Doctor's relationship. Look forward to reading more of your fics :)

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