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for Drowning

6/16/2012 c1 12disturbinglyprofound
I fell in love before I even read it - just the summary was enough. I love the metaphor, it's gorgeous. And this drabble did not disappoint. Ah, young love. :D
6/12/2011 c1 Il'Diko
Oh, this was so beautifull! Lovely description!
10/14/2010 c1 50lorelai-x-gilmore
Once again, this is so sweet! And so powerful. I can almost feel the power of this budding love (does that sounds weird?) But, really, it's perfectly written. I love the ending sentence, too. =D


- Mesteria
10/2/2010 c1 55Xx starlight-moon xX
*smiles in manner of the truly insane*

I'm not sure what to say, because at the moment I'm just making high-pitched, generally incomprehensible noises which mostly mean "OMG. SO CUTE!" and are accompanied by determined attempts to squeeze Ted's cheeks through the screen. Ahem.

(Marshall those thoughts, Hannah.)

Um .. I love it? It's adorable and insightful and has turned me into a smiling, gushing girl who will very likely go to sleep still wearing this goofy grin? ^^

Okay, I give up. This is hopeless, clearly. I'll let the favourite button do the talking, I think . . . :)
10/2/2010 c1 136Lady Eleanor Boleyn
I like this! Wonderful imagery. My favourite parts were "Head-over-heels with this prejudiced, arrogant, beautiful Slytherin" and "She is water, and he drowns in her." but the whole thing was gorgeous!
10/2/2010 c1 300Inkfire
I loved this :D
10/1/2010 c1 42TuesdayNovember
I loved this! Absolutely amazing, really.

That last line, "She is water, and he drowns in her." is so deep, so beautiful, so powerfully romantic and moving. I just...love it.

Really, just superb.
10/1/2010 c1 30BellaPur
*sigh* That was lovely.
10/1/2010 c1 6thebraxiatelcollection

the last line -she is water, and he drowns in her was very effective! your getting better and betetr each time:D

this was awesome!

love it!

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