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9h c48 yaosk88
I can’t wait for more! Amazing job you doing here. Thanks for sharing part of you with us through your writing!
1/4 c48 fanficnewbiee
What a unique spin on this story! I enjoyed what you have written thus far. Thanks for sharing! If you find the time please continue!
11/14/2021 c22 4AadenHelan
Kurenai in all fic is always a retard
11/14/2021 c48 5jerniman
Glad to see an update. Keep up a great story.
11/9/2021 c48 1W8W
Riku is OP. I wonder how many tries it will take to match him. I like explanation of genjutsu immunity.

It was so long that I don't remember Akatsuki fight was mentioned earlier. I wonder who took Ino body and why.

I love Yui shock that Naruto is ignoring pain. Berserker is her worst possible opponent.
11/4/2021 c48 Grinch
Reading about someone constantly getting his ass kicked is boring as fuck.
11/5/2021 c48 SPark681
Hmm, seems the battle is heating up I gotta wonder what's going on with Naruto anyways keep up the great work!
11/3/2021 c48 ditah
Yaaayyyyy a new chapter!
Thanks for the update
Kinda happy that jiraya lost his arm hahahhaha
I just reread the whole thing, I'm kinda pissed off at everyone involved in the lies so yeah, no forgiveness from me to tsunade kakashi and jiraya, or even hiruzen
I hope naruto tears them a new one after this whole business with Lilith's children
Anyway what is sasuke doing? Getting hebi/taka? Because he eanted to kill naruto hinata and sakura before itachi right? but all of them are in konoha and he didn't appear there, nad he's not going looking for itachi either
I'm curious to see how you will get this going with the succubi and incubbi, along with sasuke pain itachi tobi/obito storylines etc
11/2/2021 c48 cathyscloud9
Great chapter
11/2/2021 c48 wndrwmn44
AWESOME chapter! Can't wait!
10/31/2021 c48 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! The fight is getting intense. Its moving back and forth. Who will win? My money is on a pissed off Naruto. LOL!
6/18/2021 c47 8RasenganFin
For Touma I would have Kakashi and Jiraiya go for disabling body parts vs all out attacks. attack the joints. Since he doesn't seem to register pain he's not aware that when he's attacked in vitally important areas to move he should avoid them being hit.

Yui I would recommend having her be attacked with playful moves. tickling her, wedgies, noogies, Kumo Burns(Indian Burns), and the good ol' purple nurple. Naruto has endured these from bullying older classmates and can fight despite them, Yui would be baffled.
6/9/2021 c47 9Dragon Man 180
Ramona's siblings are scary in a fight. Got to wonder how Yui would react against a genjutsu that made her feel like she had been hit or stabbed.
6/5/2021 c47 5jerniman
Glad to see an update to this story.
6/4/2021 c47 15Leaf Ranger
*sighs* well this isn't good. Very not so. I hope they can turn this around before something really bad happens...guess we'll see.
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