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for He Will Be Mine

2/19 c51 SwiftNaruHina89
Great story so far, its super interesting and i cant wait to see what happens next!
2/7 c51 5freedomringer
Okay we need more please!
1/2 c51 Twilight rasengan
All the injustices in his life so far.
Watching his fiance get taken from him.
Seeing Sasuke lost forever to the snake.
Akatsuki still after him.
One thing after another.
A latent genius with access to shadow clones, the toad summons, uzumaki bloodline and a possible partnership with kurama.
All he was missing was focus and a realistic goal( a life with someone that loves and supports him for him) to reach his potential.
The lord of wrath is going to see more than indignation, especially if he helps naruto to accept his darker feelings his suppressed since childhood.
They are going to feel his wrath. BELIEVE IT!
1/2 c51 kawaiihinahime08
yasss an update, what if the demon lord was Kurama's long lost friend? lol why Rikue said his lie was in Naruto's hand he is a also a demon/succubi rigt? I'm so excited for Naruto's shocking entrance , he didn't appear in this chapter knowing him he's planning something extravagant and mind blowing appearance lol.
1/1 c51 Uday Sra
1/1 c51 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! Hinata is on the move and other demons are moving as well with their plots and plans.
1/1 c51 HyperA2019
Will Naruto form a rivalry with the Saccubus?
1/1 c51 thor94
good chapter, hope naruto will finally get some massive bloodline power up and ruin lillith plan.
It would be time for him to get something badass he can use at will without any restriction that not always depend on external being to work (like bijuu chakra that depend on kyuubi mood)
1/1 c51 SPark681
Hmm, so Riku is working with the lord of wraith interesting anyway keep up the great work!
11/27/2023 c7 a fan of this
Good question, can Hinata's thing be repeated? could hanabi go through the same thing?

Will Hinata be a succubus after Lilith gets her own body? Or will she go back to how she was before?
10/31/2023 c50 Taco
I will continue to check this story. Please update it for love of God. This cliffhanger is cruel.
8/27/2023 c50 kawaiihinahime08
omg the plots are twisting and I love it. At first I thought this fic was pure porn and Im not complaining if it was lmao but you twists and build up the characters that makes this story interesting and intriguing.

Hinata was kidnaped and Naruto was furious and Orochisuke (lol i was so caught of guard with this name) came at the right time to unleashed Naruto's anger at him and I hope Itachi will catch up to them to face the snake bastard and he kill him.
3/13/2023 c50 Engineer1869
I wonder if Itachi is going to show up and if so I hope orochimaru rubs it in his face how badly he failed.
3/13/2023 c50 ForMyselfInTheFuture
Letting them both escape from all of those high level ninja was pretty lazy writing
3/13/2023 c50 ArashiNokitsune
Naruto genocide running the realm of demons... sounds legit maybe then they'll learn to leave humans alone, after all sometimes human can be much worse than a demon... the snake picked a bad time
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