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for He Will Be Mine

1/5 c4 1CocoRich
Naruto is so clueless and cuuuuute.
1/2 c6 Rebmul
good on hinata getting her cousin laid
12/9/2020 c44 goku2134
Interested to see where this goes, hope you update soon this story is good!
10/25/2020 c22 SuperSonic2654
I thought Kurenai would be aware that Naruto saved the village from a tailed beast when he was 13
10/21/2020 c44 Guest
This fanfic is amazing!
Thanks for the clarification, that you will finish this.
And remember that, you can't write something that everybody will accept. (I was terrified from some of the rewiews.)
10/19/2020 c10 NibberWithAHardR
10/6/2020 c27 Axccel
She had said just a few chapters ago a month of sex merely once per day would be sufficient. So, there is no reason to risk the consequences of conflict with Hinata over impatience for something very nearly accomplished already.

Lilith is making no sense. If she was so impatient she’d force her will on Hinata, she wouldn’t have gone out of her way not to for so long.

This Chapter badly needs to be re-written due to this.
10/6/2020 c17 Axccel
No guy thinks girls who don’t show sexuality are prudes except guys who just want to pressure you into sex. The prude claim is bullshit made up by women who want to slut around. They claim men say they’re slutty when they’re, duh, slutty yet claim their prudes when they don’t. It’s a lie that most men are damn tired of. We. Do. Not. Want. To. Marry. SLUTS. Don’t act like a slut if you don’t want to be treated like one. Not acting like a slut does not get guys to call you prudish except for the few playboys around and all they want is to fuck you.

If someone is using insults and trying to pressure you into having sex with them, NEWS FLASH! MAYBE THEY JUST WANT TO FUCK YOU! The excuse of “But if I don’t act like a dumpster slut these guys will make fun of me for it” is just free-whore talk for “I want these guys to fuck me but I don’t want to feel like a slut so I’ll tell myself and everyone else I’m doing it because I ‘have to’.”

10/6/2020 c18 Axccel
Men aren’t afraid of intimacy with a woman who has reciprocated his feelings unless he gets permission for every little thing. He’s afraid of being sued or arrested because she changed her mind after so much as a kiss or a hug.
9/18/2020 c44 5jerniman
This is such a great story. Glad to see an update.
9/18/2020 c44 Starfire99
Something has been bugging me for several chapters now. How can Rimona not sense her mother's chakra in Ino? Even Hinata should have noticed the body change in Ino and recognized it as what happened to her. This is a plot hole that I think needs addressing.
9/15/2020 c44 cathyscloud9
Good chapter
9/13/2020 c44 MojoBlack
I ve had my reservations about this story but I must say Im impressed really.
9/13/2020 c36 MojoBlack
Very creative NaruHina story. You create very tense moments.
9/11/2020 c44 9Dragon Man 180
Interesting chapter, it was nice to get some insight into incubi from Rimona. I can't wait to see how the arrival at the hostage village goes and if Jiraiya lets slip he's Naruto's godfather during the mission.
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