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7/22/2011 c2 Kaliko the Cat
Good chapter. Though I don't think its any of Lady Une's business to hv an examination. She should know Duo's antics by now! Do we ever get to see Trowa and Quatre?
7/20/2011 c2 20ChopStickGirl120
That. was. epic. :)
7/18/2011 c2 in2lalaland
I think it will be a real shame if you decided to end it here. This story has a lot of potential and I would hate to see it end before it really had a chance to begin. The chemestry you got going is very interesting and the thought of what could happen the rest of the day is oh so tempting to find out more about
7/17/2011 c2 118Laurenke1
*tags along for the ride* awww that was wonderful
7/17/2011 c2 1HybridPlaything
Lol, this is turning out to be very entertaining. I look forward to the next update
1/21/2011 c1 118Laurenke1
more more, more
10/24/2010 c1 Kaliko the Cat
Great Story! I love seeing a more relaxed Wufei! Hope to see another chapter soon!
10/5/2010 c1 cheebs
i adore it thus far, though in my greed i must request longer chapters and please please please don't make it just a 2 shot. :)
10/4/2010 c1 22In2lalaland
Well this was a really great stat. I like that they already know each other so well. They have obviously been good friends the last couple of years, not just the standard we-get-together-at-reunions. I also very much like that you made Wufei pretty sympathetic and easy going, it a nice change from the stick up his ass.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how this relationship will move forward, because as I said, you have written a very good start :)

Good luck with the rest!
10/3/2010 c1 FanFictionFiend
Oh, thank you so~ much! I absolutely love this! :D Gosh this chapter is such a tease though, I just can't wait to see how Wufei and Duo "scare" the other agents! ^_^


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