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6/15/2018 c25 Darthdylan
When will there be a chapter 27?
4/30/2018 c26 10PorousBubbles
This story is full of numerous spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Please fix them.
10/12/2017 c24 Funny name
Wait the Nexu is named Fal’ec? Is it pronounced like phallic? Cuz if so that’s kinda funny
7/30/2017 c1 2Crankytoaster
I feel that your self insert character Adam is a Mary Sue. This is a very common problem with self inserts, and I hope the future chapters remedy this issue. Some examples would be the fight against nick. I would have thought that Nick would be physically stronger than Adam since he was a bully. I think that a better way to have done that fight would be nick beating Adam up, but Adam using force lightning to win. Also the fight against the droidikas and the sparring in ch9 seemed not believable. They are novices and yet they fight with basic profiency? Another issue that I find is the haphazard way that riyo is revealed to be an alien. Everyone just accepted it as fact, rather then disbelief or fear.
4/13/2017 c26 82Perseus12
3/25/2017 c26 Guest
Hope you get better can't wait for the next chapter
3/4/2017 c26 12ROCuevas
Quite a great chapter this was.
2/16/2017 c15 Guest
"Anakin, you're breaking my heart"
'No, Padmé, it's pronounced "neck"'
2/6/2017 c25 Blaze1992
Okay while this has been interesting to read there were many things I take issue with or found needs addressing by you. 1st The character list in the summary at first made me think that this fic would've had a harem for the MC, so if you could please rearrange it to avoid future confusion from possible readers. 2nd Why the bloody hell hasn't Adam bought/find weapons from our planet to use since that why he would have a way to defend himself with something he can show instead of relying on something he can never use against people of our world. 3rd I don't know how but somehow you have taken what was on cartoon network and XD and made even more kiddie. I am for the good guys wining and happy endings. But come on everyone Adam fights ends up changing to good this is starting to look like Naruto verse for Pete's sake. Now granted the one part I did like was the change with the Ones ending different. 4th The MIB black showing up out of the blue to me felt forced and added on at a whim it just didn't feel right to me. 5th Why hasn't anything but SW series and MIB series been made central to this fic? I mean there are so many verses that have tech/powers that good give the good guys the edge against the baddies that are being left unaddressed. For instance Mass Effect,GI Joe rise of Cobra, Halo, Stargate SG-1, Marvel, Harry potter, Star trek: Enterprise? 6th The summary is misleading I thought when clicking into this fic that earth or someone from earth would be apart of the SW plot/battles, instead it's turned into something that is a mix of reading canon star wars events and a very bad copy of Tenchi Muyo!

All in all this idea was interesting but it could've and should've been far better than it is, so I am sorry to say this gets an okay 5 out of 10 from me. Again sorry but this is how I feel about your fic I am not trying to flame whatever the hell that is.
2/4/2017 c20 5Guardianrebel18
This chapter was amazing! I can't believe you used Jordan, the Jordan who met Boba Fett and Slave1! I have to say, this story only gets better and better! I see a Gray Jedi movement and the Ability of Both Adan and Jordan to use force lightning is a harbinger to that very likely possibility, I see a very big friendship develop between the two! I already finished reading the story up to chapter 24, I just already commented on chapter 24, so I am commenting for this chapter.
2/4/2017 c25 Guardianrebel18
Your chapters just keep getting better and better! Do I see the beginning of a gray jedi organization forming similar to the Fel Dynasty?! This keeps getting better and better!
Please post more chapters!
2/4/2017 c24 Guardianrebel18
Amazing Chapter, Just Amazing! From realizing the sith acolytes were really PROXY Droids was quite a shock, though I had a feeling they might not be force-sensitive, I expected souped up battle droids, not PROXY droids!

Even more impressive is how Sidious is scheming slithering and conniving his way to ensure his rule remains intact and how he plans to turn the boy and his friends to the dark side!

I hope that monster fails!

Can't wait for more chapters!
2/4/2017 c22 Guardianrebel18
This chapter really called out to me as when I was younger I frequently got dreams which predicted the future, so when I had nightmares I had frequent panic attacks and most of my dreams revolved around nucleomitophobua or fear of Nuclear War.

The weirdest thing that ever happened to me occurred on Friday March 27th 2009. That day I had a feeling that morning that my special education teacher got into a cat accident. At the time I lived in the Special Needs school in Boston because of my autism.

I had a horrible feeling that I'm tired of morning that cause me to feel depressed thinking that she had a horrible car accident and that feeling was intensified when she didn't come into work.

Later that day I had another horrible pain in my chest and I had a feeling that someone in my family died.

Even though my family lived in New York City I still always had these feelings when something terrible happened or was about to happen.

On Monday March 29th 2010 when my teacher finally came into work and I asked her why she was out she told me that she had a car accident exactly as I feared she had. And when I called my father he told me that my cat passed away that afternoon the same time that I found a someone in my family died.

It is because of constant reoccurring things like this that I became so in tune to Star Wars when I first saw the first movie when I was 13 years old. It is like a George Lucas maybe went through the same things that I went through and that having visions of the future is actually real and not just sci-fi.

So maybe, there really is a such thing as the force but differently from what we see it as.
2/4/2017 c21 Guardianrebel18
Great story! I can't wait to read more of your chapters! I love how Ashoka broke the news to Anakin and the amazing Adam/Riyo relationship!
1/18/2017 c25 63The Warrior Of Twilight
I 100% agreed with Jordan about everything regarding the Sith, Jedi and Balance. Light and Darkness are not defined by the abstract concepts of "good" and "evil;" those depend entirely on the user. One side can be used to save others just as the other can destroy. All in all, a good chapter, one I have waited for eagerly, and it paid off very well. Hooray for more Legends mentions, references and foreshadowing!
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