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for Halo: the Art of War

1/15 c31 1Firehelper
I really hope you update this one day but I understand life moves on

Great writing
12/31/2021 c7 Thedysons
ayo do I spot a demoman reference
11/17/2021 c35 limjeremydy
Is this a dead story?... The narrative was good... hope theres more.
10/10/2021 c1 Braga
"Weapons Nut. I’m not affiliated with the NRA, though. All they do is get innocent people killed."
Nah, that's the drug companies. But I guess you'd have to be this dumb to write something this terrible.
6/8/2021 c2 TheTamrielian
Also, where the hell are Kurt Ambrose and Sergeant Johnson?!
6/8/2021 c1 TheTamrielian
Jokes aside... yeah, I came to this fic expecting an AU fic where Red Flag not only happens, but leads to an end of the war. What I got was:

Unnecessary canon name changes. For example, UNSC is corny but UNDF isn't? Seem to have been a bit inconsistent with keeping it UNDF instead of UNSC, by the way. I also don't like how you repainted the Mk. V MJOLNIR.

You mentioned that the Battle of Reach won't happen... yet. Though I guess I'll never know how that was to go down. I can forgive you for not still having the Fleet of Valiant Prudence attack Reach. Because judging from when this was written; started rather, I don't think it was established yet that they were acting independently of everyone Vadamee brought with him.

You also sidelined freaking Noble Team for your OC Spearhead Team. Where do I even begin with them? Edgy Gary Stus, Wa is a Knockoff Hulk like that one reviewer said, I think there's no way in hell the Flying Tigers would've lasted if they were even half of what Spearhead is. They're just pure plot armor, especially Wa. I'll cut it there with them.

You made the Spartan IIs and Chief utter wusses. You seriously nerfed the Covenant all across the board. You also took what could've been something really interesting with Mendicant Bias tagging along with the Chief and just unceremoniously killed him off. You turned a great hero turned villain seeking redemption into a MacGuffin for all intents and purposes. I'm still not clear on what exactly he even did. I also found your constant misspelling of 'Mendicant' as 'Medicant' rather irritating.

It's not a matter of thinking the space and ground battles are way too one sided, that is a fact. Even if the UNSC is known in canon to dominate ground battles against the Covenant, this takes it to highly unlikely levels. All of your new tech that you claimed does not give the UNSC a clear edge clearly rather just evened the odds seems to have argued otherwise. Referencing what another reviewer said, completely replacing the UNSC arsenal in just 4 years WHILE getting driven back by the Covenant more and more is just absurd. I could go more on this, but I'd just be quoting what others already said.

There is way too much in the way of fanon in this story for my liking. What started off as a compelling AU fic flew off the rails and turned into a crackfic, that's exactly what this is. I stuck on to at least see how it ends, until I realized just a couple chapters before #35 that the fic wasn't marked as Complete.

So not only am I left hanging, but I'm also left with a bitter taste in my mouth from something that I WAS enjoying at first. I didn't read the reviews to avoid spoilers. But maybe I should start doing that more, because I pretty much just wasted two and a half days on this fic.
6/8/2021 c35 TheTamrielian
Five Years and Four Months Later...

6/1/2021 c18 snow in the darkness
I got to admit your work is really easy to read and it's definitely one of example of proper story and a hidden jewel, but the way you handle of John become like the new Ackerson is annoyed me and it's feels like spitting on Master Chief canon, unfortunately I have to drop it because of personal preference. But your work is definitely a good job, well done keep it up and good luck
6/1/2021 c12 snow in the darkness
My god. You know being pissed and want to get rid of someone that almost mauled you to death is not the right thing to do, but it's a common sense. Blue team effective in canon because they trust each other, just like any special task force because they trust their back to each other without any question even if John change his rank to as more like battalion or platoon leader, it didn't change the fact that this guy could endanger entire operation, what if 514 meet the entire ODST, heck even Hulk in MCU avengers still have more self control. I understand Ackerson, the guys tortured you, send your buddies to their death. What did John ever do? Even as commanding officer he's being threatened and being almost mauled to death for what? asking blunt question and now everyone see him as the bad guy. My god
5/16/2021 c12 1LonelyPine
I wanted to read this whole story. Couldn't do it. This chapter is the straw that broke the camel's back.
I could tolerate your edgy OC spartans that "aren't like the other girls," and the Mary Sue Yang as well. I could even tolerate Wa, the cringy Hulk ripoff in Spartan armor who spits in the face of your assertion that humanity can't keep up with the covenant in terms of firepower.
Where I draw the line is when you decided to butcher the Master Chief as a character. You've portrayed him as ineffective, incompetent and fragile, all to set up your mutinous Spearhead crew as the _real_ heroes of the story. It's like an awful blend of the Worf Effect and Character Assassination rolled into one. Good premise, poor execution.
5/7/2021 c7 KatakeJ
Well damn, seems all the characters are tropey af, with a edgy character that really unironically said "you haven't been through what I've been through" after telling chief, unprompted, his whole life story. I know this may seem a bit of an early judgement, but it seems everybody is made different for the sake of being different and can guess where the stories leading to be a circle jerk for the Spearhead team. Welp, at least the story had an interesting premise though
4/12/2021 c13 Red90fox
the problem with this chapter is if you read the books John's suit automatically jerks him off
3/5/2021 c18 1Skaeger
This is absurd. Sob story or not Wa is a monster and just as much of a danger to his allies as he is the enemy. This is the dumbest facade of a moral dilemma ive read in a long time. If anyone else had walked in on his rampage, they would be dead. Kelly is a horrid selfish bitch here, and your version of John is weak and pathetic for caving to such a simple and transparent manipulation.
1/31/2021 c35 178Ball3
I read this a long time ago. Far too long ago for me to remember. But it's still one of the best stories I have ever read. Seriously.

Spearhead Team is so antithetical to the other Spartans, it's amazing. Everything about this is superbly well done, from the weapons to the events/scenarios to the character dynamics and more. I know it's been almost 4 years since this was updated, but the ending author's note gives me hope. I will wait for the update.

godspeed, legionnaire.
9/20/2020 c12 Guest
Too much mary/gary/larry sue man. Wa, really? Really? Fucking really?
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