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10/18/2010 c5 seacat03
I think that video in the hands of Mrs. P. would be evil blackmail material! The interaction between them was so cute!
10/18/2010 c5 miladybronwyn
We absolutely need a chapter where they find the tape. This was so cute.
10/18/2010 c5 1ReadyMadePhotographer
10/18/2010 c5 24mag721
awww super cute!
10/18/2010 c3 sTORM
freaking hilarious!
10/18/2010 c5 coastiewife465
I love it. That was just too cute for words. Now we just need a sequel where they find the tape.
10/18/2010 c3 WittyBasketcase
Chapter 3 is the best!
10/18/2010 c5 shinecsc
LOVE IT..love the fluff.:))more cuteness please.;))
10/18/2010 c5 FREAKTONIGHT
Aww. Follow up?
10/18/2010 c5 2ShopaholicCutie
10/17/2010 c5 Mac
Hahaha you have to continue this one, I would love to see how Mrs. Puckerman uses that tape to her advantage, it would be hilarious
10/17/2010 c4 firebirdgirl
Dude...seriously ROTFALMBO!
10/17/2010 c1 ShopaholicCutie
OMG! I lllooove this!
10/17/2010 c5 moriuh
Okay, I demand to know why Puckelberry is ALWAYS the funniest pairing in fanfiction. Seriously, I've been reading FF for like, 3 or 4 years, and I can't think of a single couple that made my laugh as much as Puckelberry does.

This story is so well written and I'm just totally in love with it! I can't wait for a new chapter! :D
10/17/2010 c5 Kagome
I love your work. I've been a huge fan since World Famous Sugar Cookies. We love your work in the Puckleberry thread at Glee Forum. We probably don't leave enough reviews but I wanted to let you know that we talk about your stories all the time.
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