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6/29/2011 c4 20SoUsay234
Pure genius. Awesome
6/29/2011 c3 SoUsay234
Hahahaha. This was amazing. I literally laughed out loud, my family is considering the various psychiatric hospitals in the area by now, I'm sure.
6/1/2011 c13 Lov2-Travel
6/1/2011 c4 Lov2-Travel
OMG...I'm laughing my ass off...just about peed my pantys! LOL

Thanks for this...now off to read the next madness!
4/29/2011 c10 10Evelyn-Sunshine
This... is literally my favorite thing ever! I freaking love the bromance.
4/2/2011 c3 dorothyh
Hilarious, hilarious. I stayed up till 2am on a work night reading yr writing. Great stuff!
3/12/2011 c6 fangirlfoodie
Awww...freaking love baby!puckleberry... You should never ever ever stop writing baby!puckleberry :) freakin adorable :D
3/12/2011 c5 fangirlfoodie
AWWWWWWWWWWWW... That was beyond cute! Luv it! .
12/29/2010 c3 576Tarafina
This! was epically effing hilarious!
12/29/2010 c13 Calli Wall
so cute! so funny! poor both of them! love this. i think it's my favorite so far :)
12/28/2010 c13 li
I love young puckleberry stories. This was funny. Poor kids. haha.
12/27/2010 c10 Valerina
Why yes, Im stalking you.

No, but seriously this was way too epic and awesome for me not to applaud/bow down to you for.
12/24/2010 c13 5uchihacutie
Aww, poor Rachel...

A tampon for your very first period seems like such a bad idea, lol.

Congrats to Puck for being a man :)
12/24/2010 c10 uchihacutie

nipple twist :D
12/24/2010 c8 uchihacutie

That was some hardcore kick ass awesomesauce goin on right thurr...
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