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for A Certain Destined Introduction

1/6/2021 c1 Guest
"-rewatching railgun for the umpteenth time" - MOOD MAN. HOLY SHIT I FOUND AN ALLY. As a token of respect, I shall binge this now. Expect another review on the last chapter in a week ol' buddy ol' pal.
11/16/2020 c24 12Magus1108
After spending a good week getting through this, I missed say I enjoyed this thoroughly! As a relatively new fan of Raildex, and a big fan of Kuroko to boot, this was an utter delight to read. It's a very plausible origin story for the Railgun girls, and I really love how you developed Kuroko throughout the entirety of this fic. All in all, this was a joy to read! And I can't wait to read more of your work now!
9/4/2020 c24 MattOW
Awesome story! Really enjoyed all the characters
8/27/2020 c24 2madtad1
Really excellent story, I loved it. Great way to explain how they met!
8/12/2020 c24 friasjilliane28
Yo, I know It's been years but I really loved this story and I'm truly greatful for this wonderful story. To think of it now I want to see you do this once again but with railgun S (because I really want to know on how Kuroko will react about the sisters project, thinking they would fight because ofc Kuroko is in judgement but in the end she secretly covered up abt Mikoto destroying the facilities or smt like that. Welp other than that I wanna say thank you for making this wonderful story and have a nice day and take care.
7/11/2020 c24 anon
listen i know this was posted like 9 years ago (as of 2020) and who knows if you still have access to this acct or if you're still alive but if you are, i would like you to know that i love this fic. 11/10 good job
4/12/2020 c24 Guest
This is one of my favorite stories! Thank you so much for writing it. I've read this numerous times throughout the years and have always enjoyed it each time.
2/6/2020 c1 Drunk-in-Battle
Started watching Railgun recently because of the announcement of Railgun Season 3, and boy did I fall in love with Kuroko at once! Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your story!
1/12/2020 c19 1YoLO1992
So Mikoto's suffering (which is pretty hilarious!) was Asanuma's fault... oof
12/9/2019 c24 SlashSoldier
Wow, what a ride. I really enjoyed reading this story, because you made the transformation of Kuroko from hater to lover of Misaka fun and interesting. Of course, how else but a trial by fire could true love blossom (XD). I'll be looking forward to reading your other stories
11/25/2018 c24 17Issun the Wandering Writer
This was such a great prequel, seeing Kuroko steadily transform into the character from the series we all know and love was really well done. Everyone else really felt in character too and I could easily see this as canon.
9/4/2018 c11 55Yuki Kyuu Aizawa
Kuroko was one of 47 level fours in Tokiwadai; Sumone Nelly was not.

It should also be added that she is a teleporter which is also extremely rare. So yeah
1/21/2018 c24 Jordan
This is canon now. I don't care what the official people try to release. I love it too much.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing!
1/21/2018 c23 Jordan
Okay this is my new favorite chapter!

I actually like the idea that this could be where mikoto learns to deal with blindness and begins practicing to shore up weaknesses so later she does have the ability to work beyond a stun grenade. And other stuff like that.

I understood what you meant about kuroko. It makes sense to me.

I'm also loving the mikoto in this chapter. Once she had confidence in herself back and reason to continue fighting she just... won. I like when characters that are stupid overpowered, which mikoto kind of is, are taken down or weakened by emotions or morals. Their emotional attacks prevented her from fighting at full power, and her own morality lowers "full power" anyway because she doesn't want to kill anyone or hurt them permanently. In my opinion it makes for more complex characters and better stories. You've fully captured that here. The railguns and iron sand were freaking amazing, as was kurokos interference.

I love it so much.
1/21/2018 c22 Jordan




i knew kurokos words of love and support would prompt mikoto to actually try in the fight, because she definitely was beaten in the emotional fight and so lost the physical. I honestly think the way you did that was perfect. Now i want her to completely wreck shit.

So much love for this chapter. Also yay my choice won! This is the good kind of cliffhanger. You know the good guys are getting back up, ready to win and instead of being filled with worry you're filled with excitement!
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