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for Clair De Lune

10/17/2020 c29 Guest
Pls update
8/25/2020 c28 Guest
I am in utter bliss after reading this piece of Art , I asked my sister to pick up ballet as a hobby of hers because I am just to old to start it.
I am so happy with this story , I cannot express it words.
Thank you SO SO SO much for sharing.
Keep up the good work.
Now I am going to read the sequel.
I am sure I will be happy ;)
Thanks You Again.
11/17/2018 c29 mommymac0508
I loved it so much I read it all today thank you
2/3/2018 c1 hayaa.jihan45
10/30/2017 c28 1storiesrmyjam
9/7/2017 c1 Chloe
Is Bella a good dancer anyways?
7/12/2017 c24 GrandMasterMeg
SHE JUST CANNOT CATCH A BREAK CAN SHE? This book has made me happy, and pissed tf off at the same time. Like I'm really heated and not just at Bella but at her situation as well. This is just like a damn lifetime movie there's just gotta be some great injury or tragedy happen to the leading performer on the night of their debut this is bs. And I'm angry at myself bc this is my FAVORITE twilight fan fiction ever. It's an amazing book and I kinda hate you for making me feel these things, I physically feel as though I'm Bella. When the reader can envision themselves as a character, you've surpassed just writing and you've created a world where anything is possible. Thank you for this book I truly love it.
2/18/2017 c28 Guest
Wow good story
2/18/2017 c23 Guest
Why, why why I stopped reading because you dogged Bella to the lowest depths. I AM DONE.
2/13/2017 c28 DolphinAunt30
Wow! This story was absolutely beautiful!
12/19/2016 c29 Clarine
J'ai adoré votre histoire que j'ai découverte hier soir et que je n'ai pas pu lâcher avant 6h du matin (2h de sommeil, ouhouh, la journée a été un peu rude au travail aujourd'hui !). Je trouve que vous avez bien su nous faire partager le monde de la danse ; les descriptions des numéros de danse sont assez incroyables car on imagine tout à fait à quoi la chorégraphie peut ressembler et, même si ce n'est pas toujours le cas (n'étant pas danseuse, je ne connais pas tout le vocabulaire spécifique au ballet), on arrive à partager l'émotion de Bella quand elle danse.
Je vais de ce pas lire la suite mais je vais tâcher d'être plus raisonnable et me coucher à une heure décente ;-). Sinon, mon boss ne va pas être content de moi demain !
Merci pour le partage.
10/15/2016 c21 shannon30033
I love the angst in this story! Ah! So so so good!
10/13/2016 c9 shannon30033
This story is so much fun! I love a graceful Bella for once. Thanks.
9/21/2016 c24 Guest
Would you believe me if I said I love u and this chapter
8/9/2016 c27 Cruvygirllove
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